The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: Season 1, episode 6 recap


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever revisits Brad Womack’s two seasons of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever went back to show us Brad Womack’s two seasons of The Bachelor. The charming Texas bar owner was known for many things, including falling in love with several women.

The final women of Brad Womack’s first season

Brad fell in love with many women during his time on The Bachelor. During Brad’s first season of The Bachelor, he almost proposed to Jenni Croft’s and DeAnna Pappas . Brad loved Jenni’s laugh and fun personality. But he had a similar connection with DeAnna. Brad said goodbye to Jenni first, and she was tearfully heartbroken.

When Brad met Deanna on the last day, he shared that he said goodbye to Jenni. DeAnna immediately lit up, but Brad wanted to take a minute and stepped away. He shocked everyone, including DeAnna, by not proposing to her either. DeAnna didn’t understand how Brad could have feelings for her but then break-up their relationship.

Chris Harrison video chatted with Deanna and Jenni. He asked how they felt re-watching their season. They both felt confident that Brad was going to propose to them. Despite Brad’s failure to find love the first time, The Bachelor gave him a second shot.

Brad Womack’s second season

Brad’s second season was three years after his first attempt to find love on The Bachelor. Brad was hopeful, but many of the women were skeptical. He felt a bond with Michelle Money but was worried their personalities were too similar. Michelle was disappointed when Brad sent her home, but she found her true love after the show.

Brad’s final two women were Chantal O’Brien and Emily Maynard. He had close relationships with both women. Brad bonded with Emily’s five-year-old daughter, Ricki, and welcomed the thought of being a father figure. Chantal didn’t end up with Brad, and turned down the role of becoming the next bachelorette. She turned down the role because she had a great date and now they have been married for eight years.

Brad proposed to Emily, but they broke up nine months after the show ended. Chris followed up with Emily, and she’s happily married with four kids. Chris checked in with Brad again and jokingly asked Brad if he would be the Bachelor for the third time. He declined and introduced his girlfriend.

Yay for love!

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In two weeks, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever will show us Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette.

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