The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever gets not-so-great ratings this week


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever receives lowest ratings ever.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever didn’t so great during this week’s throwback to the very first seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. A part of me assumed it would do marvelously. Because whether or not you watched those seasons, there is something about looking back to the franchise’s beginning that sparks our curiosity.

Well, it doesn’t seem like that logic really worked in the retrospective show’s favor. In fact, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever dipped down to its lowest ratings since it started just 5 weeks ago, getting about 2.048 million total viewers, according to a report by TVLine. Yikes, that is not a good look, is it?

Why were the ratings so low?

I can think of a couple reasons here that make the most sense to me. First off, Alex Michel’s season of The Bachelor and Trista Sutter’s season of The Bachelorette took place in 2002 and 2003. The majority of the people watching the franchise now were either very young then or had not been born yet.

There’s a small chance that they care much at all about the first seasons. It’s a foreign time to most of them, and they can’t exactly relate to the things that others find hilarious or nostalgic. That’s why it is isn’t a shocker that most of them probably opted to sit this week out.

Another reason that comes to mind is that the seasons covered prior to this week were some of the most memorable ones of recent times. I mean, who doesn’t love JoJo Fletcher? Or Sean Lowe? Or Ben Higgins?

These are the Bachelor Nation alums the majority of the population does recognize and are seasons that many watched live. It’s more fun for the younger demographic to see the moments they remember, and then watch Chris Harrison interview the contestants and leads.

Unfortunately, when The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever brought back folks from Alex or Trista’s seasons, there wasn’t much connection there. In fact, they probably found it boring and felt they could spend this particular Monday night doing something else.

For me, personally, I actually enjoyed looking back at the very first seasons. Sure, I didn’t recognize anyone, nor did I watch those seasons live. But there was something fun about learning where many of the famous Bachelor Nation sayings originated from, and what things have stayed the same, and what has completely changed.

It was an entertaining trip down memory lane, and while the majority of people didn’t seem to agree, I was here for the oversized suits, wacky bangs, and funky looking sunglasses. Seriously, it was a hoot.

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And now, we must wait two weeks before the next episode of The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever!

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