The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: Season 1, Episode 5 recap


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever takes us back to the very beginning.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever shared the very first season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette with us this week. Chris Harrison was younger, the mansion was different, and the suits were much baggier.

The women of Alex Michel’s season

The first batch of contestants consisted of 25 women. The limo entrances were less theatrical than newer seasons. Only 15 women were given roses on the first night. They highlighted many first moments, including the first date card, the first kiss, and the first “I’m not here to make friends” speech.

Chris chatted with LaNease Adams and Rhonda Rittenhouse. LaNease was the first kiss on the show, and Rhonda was the first person who needed medical attention. Chris checked in with Shannon Oliver too. She was one of the final women, but she had issues opening up to Alex. She’s married now, and Chris said they were welcome to visit the mansion anytime.

Alex was extremely attracted to Amanda Marsh. They practically ran out of the restaurant when they read the fantasy suite card. Alex sounded hopeful that he found lasting love with her. He had a close bond with Trista Sutter too. One of their dates was a helicopter ride over a volcano.

Alex picked out a non-Neil Lane ring and decided to be with Amanda and not Trista. He didn’t propose marriage, but he asked Amanda to move to California to be with him. She accepted the invitation to move and took his final rose. The pair broke up after the show, though.

During The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, Chris met up with Amanda to find out what happened. Amanda had issues finding work after moving to California. She moved back to her home state, and they maintained a long-distance relationship for a while, but it didn’t work out. They were unable to get a hold of Alex, so no one is sure how he’s doing right now.

Trista’s season of The Bachelorette

The second season recapped tonight was the very first season of The Bachelorette. Trista had many connections with the men in her cast. Her final two men were Charlie Maher and Ryan Sutter. Ryan’s proposal to Trista was emotional and loving. They were the first televised wedding in Bachelor Nation!

Chris checked in with Trista during last night’s The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever. Ryan wasn’t available because he was in a firefighting training program, but Chris surprised her by patching him into their video chat. She was thrilled to see her husband. They are still happily married with two kids!

Bachelor in Quarantine check-in

Chris checked in with Cassie Randolph, who recently broke up with Colton Underwood. He asked her why they broke up, but Cassie said they hadn’t discussed it publicly yet. She mentioned it was a difficult time, but she had no regrets about her time on the show.

Next. Cassie Randolph to spill tea on her recent breakup with Colton Underwood. dark

In two weeks episode of The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever covers Brad Womack’s two seasons of The Bachelor.

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