Cassie Randolph to spill tea on her recent breakup with Colton Underwood

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Cassie Randolph is about to spill the tea about her recent breakup.

Cassie Randolph has had a rough few months following her breakup with former Bachelor Colton Underwood. The two decided to call it quits, and parted ways after Underwood recovered from the coronavirus while staying at her family home.

Many are not shocked or surprised by the breakup, especially given how things played out in The Bachelor finale. Cassie didn’t seem to enthused about the relationship but eventually came around to the idea of leaving the show as an unengaged couple. Over the last year, their relationship certainly seemed to be doing well, and there wasn’t an inkling that things may not be working out as they would have hoped.

But that’s a part of life, right? What we see on social media isn’t the best indicator of the truth, and things are always different behind-the-scenes. We don’t know the reason for their breakup, but most would speculate that Cassie simply wasn’t inching towards the idea of marriage while Colton had wanted that from the get-go.

I know a lot of us have so many questions regarding what exactly went down, and perhaps now, we’ll get our answer!

Cassie stops by The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever!

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, Cassie Randolph will be stopping by to speak to Chris Harrison. We know he is definitely going to poke and prod her about details regarding the breakup. I don’t think we’ll get much out of her except what we already know, but I’m still curious as to what she does have to say.

If I was to guess, she’ll praise Colton and their relationship, and how they both grew into people that didn’t work together anymore, etc. etc. The gist will more or less follow that sentiment if past “Bachelor in Quarantine” segments have been any indication.

Chris Harrison loves to hype up these visits, and more often than not, they’re super anticlimactic.

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But hey, this is reality television after all.

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