Cassie Randolph opens up about having an “awful” few months post-split

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Cassie Randolph posts an emotional letter to fans on Instagram

Cassie Randolph first came into our lives during Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Their love story had some bumps along the way, but they left the show together, as an unengaged couple. Their relationship lasted a little over a year, but the couple called it off recently, much to the surprise of Bachelor Nation.

Everyone has their opinions about Cassie Randolph, Colton Underwood, or them together as a couple. But personally, I’ve never had an issue with them. In fact, I thought they made a solid couple and enjoyed seeing their relationship grow over the time they were together.

As often happens to Bachelor Nation couples, the two just couldn’t make it work, and there didn’t seem to be any major drama about it. It was just time to call it off, and in the days since, both have been keeping busy with their friends and family.

An ode to the die-hard fans and the trolls

Unfortunately, Cassie Randolph hasn’t been living a life of rainbows and butterflies since the split and has been dealing with the growing pains of ending a relationship. Let’s not forget people, they are human beings just like us.

In what was a heartfelt, sentimental note, Cassie took to Instagram to update fans and trolls alike on what life has been like these past few months–and it wasn’t all great. In fact, she’s been having an awful time trying to work through her feelings, and the internet trolls are not helping her case.

It’s a shame that more often than not, there is so much hate coming in about their every move. They knew what they were getting into, but that doesn’t mean it opens them up to cruel and brutal comments. When trolls troll, they troll hard. And it’s clear from Cassie Randolph’s post that things got pretty bad.

So bad, in fact, that she cancel contracts and deleted Instagram for an entire month to detox. In that time she focused on herself, picked up some hobbies, and self-reflected. All in all, it was a solid break, but it’s always tough to come back to the same harsh criticisms.

For the sake of being nice to one another, especially during these difficult times, let’s be nicer to one another. Treat each other with kindness, love, and respect. We don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s life, and regardless of who they may be, we should always opt to be empathetic and understanding.

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Be kind to one another, folks! 

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