Bachelor in Paradise: Should Hannah Ann Sluss go on the next season?


Can you see Hannah Ann Sluss on Bachelor in Paradise?

Bachelor in Paradise is unlikely to happen this year given the drastic schedule changes the franchise has gone under due to the coronavirus pandemic. I think many would agree that the beaches of Paradise are unlike anything else, and it always seems to bring out the drama ten-fold than anything we see in the mansion.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to probably wait until 2021 for a new season of Bachelor in Paradise, but it doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking of who might join it inevitably returns. One of the first people that came to my mind was Hannah Ann Sluss.

You remember Hannah Ann–don’t you?

We met dear ‘ol Hannah Ann Sluss during Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, and to say her journey was a tumultuous one is an understatement. She left the season engaged to Weber, but his heart was still with Madison Prewett. Not long after the engagement, they broke it off, and we can pretty much blame Peter for that dumpster fire of a relationship.

In the days since, Hannah Ann has turned over a new leaf in life, and is living it in the best way possible. She moved to California, has been actively social media influencing, and even has a rumored boyfriend. So, life is basically pretty good sans Peter Weber.

So, Bachelor in Paradise?

While she may or may not be in a relationship, let’s just say for the sake of this conversation, she is single when they’re looking to cast for the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. Could you see her there? Honestly, I really could.

I feel like she’d be a welcome addition to the dramatic shores of Paradise simply because she seemingly has it all together. Maybe when she joined Peter’s season, she still had some growing to do, but I’d say things are different now.

When I imagine her on the beach, I think back to some of the past contestants like Hannah Godwin, and instantly feel like Hannah Ann would fit in well in this environment. It’s like the perfect combo for young folks gradually making their way in the Bachelor Nation world. You have drama, love, the beach, alcohol, and of course, all the time in the world to just take it easy.

Given Hannah Ann has totally succumbed and adjusted to the California vibe, she could totally settle into Bachelor in Paradise. As for who I could see her with? I think that’s a tough one to narrow down, but my mind goes to Connor Saeli for starters.

Not sure why, but I can actually see that happening.

Originally, I wasn’t Team Hannah Ann for Paradise, but things have changed since that first statement, and now, I’m definitely singing a different tune. But let’s see what the future holds!

We miss you, Bachelor in Paradise!

Do you think Hannah Ann would make a good contestant on Bachelor in Paradise? Share your comments below!