The Bachelorette: A book of wisdom exists–and is passed down from previous leads


The Bachelorette “book of wisdom” is a thing! Yes, seriously.

The Bachelorette alums Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin revealed something interesting earlier this week on an episode of their podcast, “Bachelor Happy Hour“. The duo spoke to our next Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, about her upcoming journey, and how she’s feeling about it.

What advice did the former Bachelorettes have for our next lead? Apparently, there is a book of wisdom that exists and Becca found it while rummaging through some boxes. It was passed down to her from Rachel, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and JoJo Fletcher to help prepare her for a role that seems impossible to get preemptively ready for.

Becca reveals that there were some great tidbits in there that she found helpful. And with Clare Crawley heading off to an undisclosed location to begin filming soon, it’s due time that she gets the book of wisdom handed down to her. Unfortunately, Hannah Brown didn’t get it when her turn came up for reasons unknown, but hey, that’s okay. The tradition can continue with Clare!

This book of wisdom didn’t exist before Becca’s turn as the Bachelorette, and while Rachel Lindsay can’t remember what advice she imparted to Becca, she does have plenty to share with Clare.

"I remember a producer said to me, ‘Give it time and be open because there really are some great men.’ And that was the best advice I could get. Truly be open to everybody that comes through because you will be beautifully surprised at the men you meet on your season."

I’d say that’s wonderful advice!

Depending on how you look at it, Clare is going into her season of The Bachelorette with an advantage. While some contestants have likely dropped out, including our next Bachelor, Matt James, most of the contestants are probably the same. And because of that, Clare has been able to look up the men that will be vying for her love.

Dang, that’s got to be fun to do. And probably a bit misleading and scary at the same time. I feel like she may go in with a bias based on what she’s seen, so let’s see how that works out.

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As for this book of wisdom, I think I speak for Bachelor Nation when I say, share it with the rest of us! 

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