Matt James and Tyler Cameron talk The Bachelor 2021


Matt James and Tyler Cameron dropped by The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever!

Matt James is our next Bachelor, and much of the world is celebrating that the Bachelor franchise is finally bringing in diverse faces to be the lead. Fans had started a petition in light of recent events asking ABC to take the matter seriously, and they were heard!

While Matt James’ season of The Bachelor isn’t going to air until next year, there has been plenty of excitement buzzing around the news. This is why I was excited to see him drop by (virtually) alongside roommate and soon to be fellow Bachelor alum, Tyler Cameron.

You know we’ll never complain about some extra Tyler C. time!

So what did Matt James have to say about his upcoming adventure?

Well, it’s clear that whether or not anyone else is excited about him being the Bachelor, his mom sure is. In fact, when Tyler C. asked Matt James how many grandkids his mom wants, he responded with:

"She wants a basketball team. I’ll have a mini van, as many as we can fit."

Ladies of Matt James’ season–are you ready?!

James also went on to talk about being the first Black Bachelor and how it’s already been a privilege and honor to make franchise history.

"It’s been nice, cause, to be honest with you, I’ve heard from a lot of my Black friends that aren’t Bachelor Nation faithful, that are excited about me and are honored I’m in the position I’m in and have this opportunity to just represent what it’s going to look like to have diverse relationships and tell those love stories."

Originally, Matt James was going to be a contestant on Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette. But when production came to a halt due to the coronavirus, the contestants were free to go back to their normal lives and relieved of any contracts.

With Matt free and open until production would resume once again, it gave ABC the opportunity to diversify their lead for the next Bachelor. Things have a funny way of working out sometimes, and who knows where both Matt and Clare’s journey will take them both, respectively.

Production start dates for The Bachelor have not yet been announced, as currently, all the focus is on getting production started for Clare Crawley, which is set to begin in July, apparently.

If all goes well, the next few months should be a busy one for Bachelor Nation–and we can’t wait to see where it takes them (and us!).

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Aren’t Matt James and Tyler Cameron super freaking adorable?!

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