The Bachelorette Season 12: A look back at JoJo Fletcher

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Jordan Rodgers gets the first impression rose!

JoJo Fletcher was taken with Jordan Rodgers right off the bat, and she contributed to a long line of Bachelorettes who gave their first impression roses to their final pick. JoJo and Jordan sealed the deal with a kiss that made it pretty clear Jordan was going a long way in the season.

Best of all, as JoJo walked away from him she capped things off by saying, “His butt? His butt. I gotta start doing squats.”

The family feud

Though Jordan was a frontrunner from the start, when he first stepped out of the limo, the only thing the audience (and JoJo) knew about him was that he is the younger brother of famous NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

As we would come to find in later episodes, Jordan had not spoken to his brother in years due to a long-running family feud. Though there were many other things about Jordan that made him an interesting contestant, the show never missed an opportunity to capitalize on this storyline.

Though Jordan was very reluctant to discuss family matters on the show, the producers went to great lengths to make it a consistent topic of conversation. They made sure a football was in the shot whenever possible. During his hometown date, they focused on the empty chairs at the dinner table. Chris Harrison continued pressing the issue on “After The Final Rose”, but was unable to glean any more information about the situation.

Lesson learned: If you have a famous sibling, especially if you are on bad terms, be very aware it will be milked for all its worth during your time on this show!