The Bachelorette Season 12: A look back at JoJo Fletcher

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The Chad Bear

Long before he was accusing Chris Harrison of liking mimosas too much, Chad Johnson was a contestant on JoJo’s Fletcher’s season. And thank goodness he was. Without him, it’s hard to say what would have made this season dramatic. Everyone pretty much knew who JoJo would choose after the first night, and it seemed like most of the guys got along pretty well—with one notable exception. Chad Johnson was truly the final word in entertainment.

On an average day in the mansion, Chad could be seen lifting weights, making protein shakes, and eating handfuls of meat. His (sort of) friend in the house, Canadian Daniel, compared him to Hitler and Donald Trump, and while those were not exactly fair comparisons, Chad certainly shook things up in the house.

After fellow contestant Evan Bass suggested onstage during a group date that Chad was taking steroids, the Chad Bear retaliated by grabbing Evan’s shirt and tearing it. I hope Evan wasn’t too fond of that shirt!

While the other men did consistently antagonize him, Chad had a famously short fuse and seemed to resort to threats of violence in his dealings with adversaries, as seen when he told Jordan Rodgers he would come to his house after the season and beat him up. It seems either the contestants were truly afraid of Chad, or the show just wanted to ramp up the drama, because actual security was placed in the house to make sure nothing physical went down.