The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: 4 moments we forgot about Season 17

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The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever reminds us of the forgotten moments from Season 17.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever was a blast from the past as we were reminded of one of Bachelor Nation’s most beloved leads–Sean Lowe. I think it’s safe to say he’s remained everyone’s favorite in the years since his season aired and he married contestant Catherine Giudici.

We’ve discussed all the weird, awkward, and cringey moments from the season already, including the moments that were not shown on the retrospective series. But we’d be remiss not to discuss the fact that we forgot some of them even happened.

I mean, how can we forget that runner-up Lindsay Yenter showed up in a WEDDING DRESS on the first night? Not sure about the rest of you, but I certainly had forgotten all about it, including many of the others that popped during The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever.

That wedding dress, though

When Lindsay Yenter first walked out of the limo on Sean Lowe’s first night as the Bachelor, it was tough to imagine that she’d end up being his runner-up. How often have we seen contestants go above and beyond to stand out–aka the Sloth from Colton Underwood’s season or the Dolphin/Shark from Nick Viall’s season.

Usually, their antics don’t take them very far, but in Yenter’s case, she was able to show Sean a different side of her. I mean, this is also Sean Lowe we’re talking about. One of Bachelor Nation’s most mature, kind, and caring leads we’ve ever witnessed on the series. He gave her a shot and didn’t let the image of her showing up in a wedding dress overshadow the chance to get to know her.

Breaking a Guinness World Record

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever took me right back to 2013’s most awkward moment on Sean Lowe’s season. During a date, Sean and contestant Lesley Murphy were challenged to beat the Guinness World Record of the longest on-screen kiss.

Not only was it uncomfortable to watch on television, but I felt the awkward vibes from the folks gathered around in the crowd. Not to mention, you could tell both Lesley and Sean were struggling to keep themselves invested in this kiss.

It’s a moment I had completely forgotten about, but now, thanks to the throwback series, it is forever seared into my mind. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, they did set the record.

Desiree and her overprotective brother

Over the years, we’ve seen some horrible hometown dates (who else remembers Victoria Fuller’s from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor?). But, perhaps, there may not have been one worse than Desiree Hartsock’s.

Her overbearing and suspicious brother was quick to judge Sean’s intentions, and completely rejected the notion that he was interested in Desiree. It was quite a bold statement to make to someone he didn’t know and about a relationship he hadn’t seen much of.

Unfortunately, it resulted in Desiree being sent home, but worry not, she went on to be the Bachelorette and find her happily ever after (brother not included).

Tierra’s shenanigans

Ah, yes, Tierra LiCausi. The contestant we had most likely forgotten all about, until The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever. After rewatching her tantrums and all the drama she brought to Sean’s season, it’s hard to imagine we could have forgotten about her at all.

It’s safe to say she was the season’s number one villain, and most of the contestants were livid over the fact that she managed to stick around for longer than she probably should have. Given how much I love Sean, I don’t even want to get into why he kept her on the show for as long as he did. Or rather, why he didn’t see through her drama well before then.

Along with her infamous “eyebrow and sparkle” line during a fight with AshLee Frazier, there were moments throughout her time on the season that made her quite famous at the time. I had completely forgotten about her shenanigans during a group date in which she threw a tantrum, whined to Sean, and then had an evil smile on her face as he walked away.

Not cool, Tierra, not cool at all.

Then, of course, there was the whole Lake Louise fiasco where she got hypothermia during one of the activities–Polar Bear Plunge. Most of the contestants believed she was just doing it for attention, and exaggerate her reaction to it all. Whether or not that was truly the case, it’s hard to say, but it sure was something.

It’s a shame she didn’t come back to interview during the retrospective series because after her time on Sean’s season, she went totally under the radar. I would have loved to hear her thoughts when she looks back at those…interesting moments.

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What a trip down memory lane, right?

Are there other moments from Sean Lowe’s season that you had forgotten about? Share them below!