The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: The weirdest moments from Sean Lowe’s season

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10: Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe attend the OK! Fashion Week Event 2014 on September 10, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by American Media/Getty Images for OK! Magazine)
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10: Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe attend the OK! Fashion Week Event 2014 on September 10, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by American Media/Getty Images for OK! Magazine) /

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever looks back at Sean Lowe!

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever kicked off last night and we had the pleasure of welcoming Chris Harrison back onto our television screens for the newest “spin-off” of The Bachelor franchise. The recap series, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, got started with Harrison hosting things from his home office as he got things started with fan favorite, Sean Lowe, and his journey to find love back in 2013.

There was drama, there was romance, and there were even a few special guests brought in via live stream to make for 3 full hours of Bachelor fun. (I hope you had cleared your schedule and your DVR, Bachelor Nation.) Of course, it wouldn’t be The Bachelor without some weirdness and awful moments–so let’s break down some of them!

Tierra–the villain we all loved to hate.

The worst moment from Sean’s season is not one, but multiple moments all of which involve Tierra and her bad acting in an effort to get some, if not all, of his attention.

Tierra was the clear villain with her constant crying about the surprise injuries she obtained seemly all the freaking time. From conveniently falling down the stairs seconds before Sean arrived at the mansion to ending up on a stretcher due to extreme hypothermia after the group date Polar Plunge, Tierra is either the most clumsy girl in the world or the most well-calculated contestant ever.

Couple her antics with her uncontrollable facial expressions aka “the eyebrow” that couldn’t be managed, Tierra made for some great television. That is until Sean realized she wasn’t “The One” and sent her and her cot packing. (You know, the cot she requested to sleep on because she couldn’t deal with being in the same room as the other ladies. Completely normal stuff here.)

Don’t count out the other girls just yet.

Sean and his ladies had two very weird moments that stand out for all the wrong reasons. And the first occurred on night one as these things do.

Ashley Palenkas came in ready to play with a grey tie and dance moves to match what she wished she could do to Sean in her own personal sexy time room. Ah yes, Fifty Shades of Grey was all the rage in 2013 and Ashley was ready to make her dreams a reality on national television! Unfortunately, her twerking and gyrating was not enough to convince Sean to be tied to her for more than one night and she was eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Weird moment number two came when Lesley Murphy, the notorious kiss-avoider, was unknowingly put smack dab into a Guinness World Record contest for longest on-screen kiss. Can we talk about awkward? This poor girl went from shying away from the pucker to forced lip-locking in no time! I’m concerned about whoever thought that this was a great date idea, TBH. No one wants to see a kiss that lasts that long.

The season itself may have had the most in terms of bad and uncomfortable, but the live stream interviews with past Bachelor cast members also offered us some *ahem* entertainment we didn’t ask for.

Pilot Pete, you’re back again?

The worst moment came when we were forced to watch Pilot Pete give us an update on his life and his relationship. (But really, I audibly groaned when I heard we had homeboy on standby for his catch-up with Chris time.) Peter, I am done with you and your poor choices and I have decided I speak on behalf of Bachelor Nation in that we don’t want to see more of you. And come on, ABC, anyone with internet already knew that Pete and Kelley Flanagan were back in cahoots. Old news no one needed, thank you.

The weirdest moment was brought to us by none other than Mama Barb who of course crashed Peter’s interview time because his wings are not ready to fly the nest that is his parents’ house. Barb came in loud and hot with a cheer spelling out Kelley’s name that ended with the exclamation that Kelly is the daughter she always wanted.

Barb, sweetie, I think you’ve already used that line earlier this year on Hannah Ann, but you do you! Maybe no one will notice…? For as much as I didn’t want to see Peter, I have to thank him for allowing this Barb moment for Bachelor Nation to enjoy. Barb is the mess we need so sorry, not sorry.

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One great season down, but don’t worry more weird moments await! See you next week for the OG bad Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe!

Were there any weird moments we didn’t talk about from Sean Lowe’s throwback on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever? Share them below!