The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever is off to a fun (and dramatic) start!

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The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever kicked off with Season 17’s lead, Sean Lowe!

Sean Lowe has always been one of my favorites from the Bachelor Nation franchise. This is why watching snippets of his journey on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever was everything I ever wanted. Sure, we had to deal with the awkward, cringeworthy moments, but knowing how it would all end for him was potentially the best part of it.

More often than not, The Bachelor and its spinoff shows thrive on the drama it produces between the lead and the contestants, or between the contestants themselves. It’s always a wild ride, and quite honestly why so many of us love this franchise as much as we do.

However, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever reminds us of the stories that while dramatic at the time, gave us some amazing love stories that live on to this day. And one such story is that of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are relationship goals.

I think that was my biggest takeaway from watching last night’s episode. As we looked back on random moments from Season 17, it became evidently clear how drawn Sean was to Catherine. Their chemistry was undeniable and there was this ease with which they interacted. My heart broke for Lindsay Yenter (the runner-up), but in the end, things worked out as they should have.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever has done a wonderful fan service to all of us and I think kicking it off with Sean Lowe was the perfect way to start this series. A series, mind you, that had to come together rather quickly given it wasn’t on the slate to even happen.

Not only did we revisit some of the best (and worst) moments from Lowe’s season, but we caught up with Lowe and Giudici almost 7 years since the season aired. They’re still happily married with 3 adorable kids!

I love knowing that despite the awkward and horrible twists and turns Bachelor Nation shows can take, there are beautiful stories that come from it. It’s not often and it’s quite rare that the lead stayed with the person to whom they got engaged to on the show. But when it does happen, we get something beautiful like Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s love story.

Also, is it just me or is Sean Lowe one of the nicest Bachelors we’ve had? He’s just so genuine, polite, and a gentleman! Now, we get stuck with the likes of Peter Weber, aka Pilot Pete, who is just a hot mess, childish, and all over the place. I vote for more guys like Sean Lowe! Please?

Speaking of Pilot Pete, was it absolutely necessary to throw him into last night’s episode to announce something that has already been announced? I’m so over it! Hopefully, that was the last we’ll see of that.

Anyway, the biggest lesson The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever taught us from Sean Lowe’s season is that you should always follow your heart. It may not always lead you in the right direction, but sometimes the risk is worth it. And perhaps, 7 years down the road, you’ll look back and smile at the person that relied on their heart and nothing else to lead them to love.

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Were you all in your feelings during last night’s look back at Sean Lowe’s season?

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