The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart season 1, episode 5 power rankings

Well, Bachelor Nation, last night we reached the semi-finals episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart (yes, already!) as our couples hit the road to gamble on their future’s in Sin City.

The Listen to Your Heart tour buses rolled in to whisk our four remaining couples off on a whirlwind road trip towards their dreams as they took a quick hop, skip, and a jump over to Las Vegas. There were big risks and big rewards both on the stage and off, but who put it all on black and hit the jackpot?

Winning big last night and taking the power player spot was none other than “I’m a lot to handle” Rudi who managed to convince producers to make a pit stop at some haunted motel along the way to Vegas. It was so she and Matt could figure out their relationship with more alone time. Aka indulging in the poor man’s version of a fantasy suite night while in a sketchy bedroom that looked like it was decorated by your grandma. Like, you two didn’t want to get it on in the plush tour bus that was provided and instead picked a creepy room where a murder probably took place? I don’t get it, but you do you, girl!

After their romp in the bedbugs, Rudi was more convinced than ever that she is in love with Matt and was bursting at the seams to tell him. Matt was not quite as ready to pledge his feelings, but then the pair made beautiful music together and crushed their duet which put heart eyes permanently into Matt’s face. Rudi, you have gotten your way once again! Hopefully, this roller coaster ride is almost over and these two can settle in for good with their true love.


Second place again, and unfortunately, goes to “Everything is Shiny and New and Amazing” Jamie who is so dazzled by anything that happens to her she can hardly stand it. To be honest, I’m tired of her naive innocence and I’m ready for her and Trevor to be sent home, but here we are.

Jamie was THE MOST concerned about telling Trevor that she loves him and panicked her way across the ice during their hockey date, but in the end, she had nothing to worry about because, thank goodness, he is falling for her too! Pick your jaw up off the floor, Bachelor Nation!

I think Trev knows that Jamie is the correct person to hang his rising star on, and he definitely does not like her as much as she likes him, but her underdog with big dreams character development is keeping them both around and safely in the finals. Ugh, her moves are clearly paying off.

That said, I am once again PLEADING with ABC producers to not let this vanilla pair with mediocre vocals win the whole thing and go on to be “stars.” Get them a standing gig at some bar in Nashville and call it good. Plus, Trevor already had his shot on American Idol, ya know?


Taking third place this week is the lady carrying the team in her dynamic romantic duo, Bri. Look, I love Bri and Chris together and I love their love because obviously they are adorbs, but it is more and more apparent that Bri’s vocals are above and beyond Chris’s and she is the reason they have lasted this long in the competition.

At this point, I really, really want them to win and live happily ever after as they tour bus off into the sunset, but I need Chris to step it up and help support the team, or Bri will leave him in the dust. I believe in you, Chris!

And then there were three. We only have one episode of Listen to Your Heart left! (Moment of silence for fallen powerhouse, Natascha, and her nerdy boy-toy, Ryan.) Who will win it all and tour the country with their one true love? Tune in next week for the most romantic musical finale we have ever seen!