Listen to Your Heart season 1, episode 5: The semi-finals are here!


The Listen to Your Heart season 1 semi-finals took place this week as the remaining four couples traveled on tour buses to Las Vegas and shared memorable performances.

Last night’s episode of Listen to your Heart started with Chris Harrison announcing they were leaving to go on tour. Every couple had a private tour bus, and the first stop was Las Vegas. On the way, most of the couples bonded and grew closer together. The one couple that didn’t seem to build a stronger relationship was Rudi and Matt.

Everyone had a date this week, starting with Chris and Bri. They had a low-key and romantic time singing a song for a couple during their wedding. The wedding officiant even said they would officiate Chris and Bri’s marriage when they were ready.

The next date was between Jamie and Trevor. Jamie was very nervous about telling Trevor she was falling in love with him. They had a chilly, adorable date ice skating. After Jamie expressed her feelings to Trevor, Trevor reciprocated and said he was falling in love with her too. They were ecstatic and had huge smiles on their faces.

Rudi and Matt didn’t share the same feelings. Their date started at a club where Shaggy was performing. Shaggy called them on stage to sing and dance. After the concert, Rudi shared she was falling for Matt, but he didn’t reciprocate the same feelings. Rudi was brought to tears while Matt sat awkwardly silent.

Ryan and Natascha didn’t have a ton of screen time for their date on this week’s Listen to Your Heart, but it looked like they had a picnic on a construction site. They seemed happy together, but there wasn’t as much attention toward their feelings for one another.

The judges this week were The Bachelor alums Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Luyendyk, Pat Monahan from the band Train, and Ashlee Simpson and her husband, Evan Ross. After Chris and Bri’s performance, Arie said he saw hearts coming out of Bri’s eyes. The chemistry was evident during their performance.

Jamie was bursting with confidence, unlike her past two performances. Jamie and Trevor’s connection was intense during their performance. The judges showered them with compliments. Ashlee and Evan even shared a kiss because they felt love while listening to their song.

Natascha and Ryan’s performance fell flat this week. There was an awkward moment when Natascha handed Ryan the microphone while he was trying to play the guitar. The song sounded a bit off, and the pair seemed disconnected. The judges weren’t impressed. Monahan pointed out that it looked like two separate performances.

Rudi and Matt had the finale performance of the evening. They performed “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and the audience and judges were on the edges of their seats. The judges felt their connection, and the audience cheered loudly for the couple.

Natascha and Ryan didn’t receive roses during the rose ceremony. They were heartbroken as they left, but they shared an intimate kiss before leaving and hope for their future together. Everyone was excited when Chris Harrison announced the finals would be in Music City–aka Nashville.

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The season finale of Listen to Your Heart is next week! Which couple do you think will have the best performance? Share your thoughts in the comments below!