Why we won’t see Tyler Cameron on Bachelor in Paradise

It’s certainly not almost Paradise, but we won’t see Tyler Cameron knocking on heaven’s door. Here’s why Cameron is uninterested in a Bachelor in Paradise appearance.

While we have absolutely no idea when – or if – we’ll see season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, we can definitively cross one candidate off the cast list – Tyler Cameron. While his sunny hometown of Jupiter, FL seems to mirror BiP as a perfect landing spot for Hannah Brown’s former suitor, it appears he’ll be staying put in the sunshine state.

Cameron appeared on the Chicks in the Office podcast on April 30, joined by fellow alums – and BiP 6 success story – Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, where the trio discussed the faraway beaches (at least for now) of Mexico with respect to Cameron’s presumed “downhill” BiP appearance.

“You’d absolutely just get ruined,” Barbour teased. “They would make you look so bad. Oh, my God …you had such a great rise that they’d be like, ‘Alright we need to have him fall. What else are we supposed to have him do? Just keep rising?’”

On Cameron’s end, while he appeared to laugh in concurrence with Barbour’s assessment, he offered an intriguing, specific reason he has no future plans for the summer spin-off. “More importantly [everybody], I’m a one-woman kind of guy,” Cameron butted in.

It’s interesting you say that Tyler, in the midst of all the dating rumors surrounding him and Hannah Brown – especially when considering this statement likely puts any future Bachelor rumors definitively to rest. Even more interesting was the recent divulgence of his “perfect date.” Cameron appeared on Venus Williams’ #CoachVenus x EleVen Instagram series Monday, where he described his perfect date (spoiler alert: it’s not April 25th).

My perfect date — drop the boat in, pick up some sushi to go, head to a beautiful secluded spot I know, watch the sunset, have some wine, then cruise home.

Cameron’s description is curiously nearly-identical to what he planned for his hometown date with Hannah Brown – minus the sushi, of course. Brown isn’t exactly helping take the heat off the duo on her end. Whilst chopping onions with her father, icon Robert Brown, on Delish’s Chopped Block series on April 29th, Robbio inquired about the last person Hannah called, as well as the subject matter.

Robert Brown is one of us, confirmed. Hannah’s coy response? Accompanied by that romantic commercial song no one knows the name of (and a…heart bubble graphic of Tyler’s face as a thought bubble), Brown immediately burst into laughter and managed to muster, “I don’t want to say.” Her “recovery,” if you can call it that, was that she last talked to her grandfather. I, too, turn beet-red and giggle like a teenager when I think about random, platonic chats with my grandparents.

We’re closely following this situation as it develops and will continue to provide updates. In the meantime, Tannah fans can breathe a sigh of relief that Cameron will not be poached for any spin-offs or likely future lead appearances. Guess that gives him plenty of time to grab sushi with Hannah!

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Are you intrigued by Tyler Cameron’s essential ‘it’s a no from me dawg’ to a BiP invitation? Think it has anything to do with an Alabaman beauty queen (and beast)? Let us know your thoughts!