The Bachelorette: Tyler and Hannah reconnect in Florida (again)

The Bachelorette (ABC/John Fleenor)
The Bachelorette (ABC/John Fleenor) /

While Peter’s love story on The Bachelor quickly went south, we have another potential couple from The Bachelorette to root for in the off-season.

Well, this off-season has certainly been interesting. With Madi and Peter ending their relationship less than 48 hours after ATFR, and Clare’s season postponing production due to coronavirus concerns, it’s been a roller coaster of a week. That said, any Tannah supporters from The Bachelorette can dust off their tinfoil hats (shoutout Reddit, you guys are the real ones).

Many of us saw the incredibly tragic passing of Tyler Cameron’s mom, Andrea, two weeks ago. I’m going to momentarily step on my soapbox and direct everyone to Tyler’s post (which is absolutely heartbreaking) where he said goodbye to his mom and encouraged everyone to register to be organ donors. You can register here. It’s important and I can’t emphasize enough how life-saving this decision can be. My condolences truly go out to the Cameron boys and their family.

We also saw that Hannah Brown flew down to Jupiter last week to attend her funeral, which was an incredible act of compassion and emphasizes how truly revered Andrea was. This was an extraordinary act of support from Hannah and speaks volumes of Hannah’s character. It’s rare to see exes, particularly ones from The Bachelor bubble, have this strong of a friendship and respect for one another 9 months later.

However, the reunion has since continued and has definitely raised some eyebrows in Bachelor Nation. Hannah returned to Jupiter Saturday night (with two GIANT suitcases at that) and was seen being picked up by Tyler at the airport. I mean, I, too, brave the coronavirus to go hang out with a friend three days after seeing them with my entire wardrobe

The two then went boating with Tyler and his group of friends – video evidence captured by our resident sleuthers, Bachsleuthers, under their highlight bubble #heygirl on Instagram (also, can the two of them PLEASE GO INSIDE NOW). Most importantly, it seems Hannah and Matt James, Tyler’s best friend, and future Bachelorette contestant, have made amends.

For those who don’t recall (or those who have social lives), Matt storied a series of unpalatable memes about Hannah on Instagram the night of her finale back in July. At the time, it seemed a bit tasteless and did not exactly imply any support for their reunion. That said, it’s fair to say he likely was just supporting his friend, and may not have known the two were in contact. The hatchet was definitively buried when he posted this photo Sunday afternoon:

In the comment section, Hannah replied, “Lesson learned. You’re alright tho.” I for one was GOBSMACKED to see this (also, can we take a moment of silence for Hannah’s abs? Girl, hit us up with a workout routine). It’s one thing for Hannah and Tyler to have a reunion; it’s another level completely for Matt and Hannah to publicly make amends. Also, this photo is a prime meme template.

What does all of this mean? No one knows, and we likely won’t know more until Tyler and Hannah decide to share, if at all. I for one am rooting for these two crazy kids but would be happy to see them simply continue as friends.

And we should all respect whatever decision they come to. It’s time to put the “shipping” of fake couple wars truly to rest – if you’re unfamiliar with this concept, a quick combing of Reddit or Twitter will quickly catch you up to speed. But, if you were once a Tannah diehard, it’s officially time to re-watch the lobster date. Alexa, play “Made for You” by Jake Owen.

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Were any of you as giddy as I was to see these crazy kids reunite again in Jupiter? Are you thankful for some quality quarantine content? Let us know your thoughts!