Hannah Ann Sluss: Her ‘quarantine fling’ might be NFL’s Mason Rudolph


In today’s news, it appears Hannah Ann Sluss has officially won Peter’s season of The Bachelor – by leveling up with NFL Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph.

Repeat after me: Hannah Ann Sluss is pitching a perfect post-breakup game. Well, I should say a perfect passer rating. TMZ spotted Sluss on a “social distancing coffee run” with NFL Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. Not only that, sources claim this is their 3rd spotting in recent days.

Moreover, it appears Rudolph is a gentleman, as he opened her car door for her and the two seemed “very lovey-dovey” together. LOVE. THIS. FOR. HANNAH. ANN. It’s truly a rarity for my two favorite worlds – football and The Bachelor – to collide. So while I love this for Hannah Ann, I selfishly also love this for myself (even though my father, a Cleveland Browns fan against his will, may disown me for cheering on a Steelers player).

As some of you may recall, Sluss was recently on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine podcast, where she disclosed that she was having a bit of fun with a “quarantine fling,” though the identity of which was kept secret. At the time, I did some sleuthing and discovered Sluss was following several A-list, attractive athletes that followed her back – while I didn’t name Rudolph specifically (though I’m kicking myself for it now), he indeed was one of the athletes on this list.

I would like to spell this out for judicial sake (my justice for Hannah Ann campaign is still very much alive): Hannah Ann is currently dating a starting quarterback in the NFL. Take that, Cauliflower Pete (though I’m happy you’ve (hopefully) found your person and that it stays that way).

My deity remains Hannah Ann Sluss. Hopefully, this fling lasts as long as the incessant “on the clock” time teams were awarded for Zoom glitch purposes in this year’s NFL virtual draft. BiP whomst?!

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Do you, too, love this for Hannah Ann? Are you an enraged Browns or Patriots fan who has a lot of feelings about this matter? Pilot or QB? Let’s discuss!