The Bachelor: Hannah Ann Sluss has a ‘quarantine fling’


Next up on the list of ‘Love in the Time of Quarantine’, The Bachelor’s Hannah Ann Sluss implies she’s seeing a ‘mystery man’. Hopefully, one whose manhood draws better cruciferous comparison.

Hannah Ann Sluss is the living version of your favorite breakup anthem–from eviscerating Peter Weber on The Bachelor’s ‘After the Final Rose,’ to dedicating an entire Instagram series to shading Peter, and her recent comparison of Peter’s…nether regions…to cauliflower, Hannah Ann is killing it. And now, it appears she’s officially moving on from the ghosts of her Veggie Tales past.

While Hannah Ann’s recent appearance on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast was a bit…dominated by her utterance of Cauliflower Gate, you may have missed her dish out details about a new ‘mystery man’ (this is completely off-topic, but all this reminds me of is when two contestants sang their original song, ‘Mysterious Girl’ on the X-Factor UK, and well, if anyone needs a laugh).

Bristowe implored Sluss about the last date she went on during the podcast, to which Sluss revealed that she’s had a “FaceTime date,” because, quarantine. Sluss declined to give any identifying details about said ‘mystery man’ besides noting he isn’t from Bachelor Nation. It could be Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Josh Dobbs, who she was spotted with during the show.

However, Sluss further divulged that she’s also had someone “drop [me] off coffee,” which, unless I’m officially out of the loop with the youth lingo, would imply this person also lives in Los Angeles. To my knowledge, Dobbs at this point does not, and it’s…difficult to track anyone while we’re all on lockdown.

A little Instagram digging shows that Hannah Ann’s recent follows consist of, well, extremely attractive athletes that all follow her back (tabling my insane envy that she got a follow from Joe Burrow, alas). To be honest, any of these guys would be an upgrade and it’s safe to say I’m fully rooting for Hannah Ann’s quarantine journey. Hannah Ann, if you’re reading this, please casually film a Bachelor in Quarantine series dating professional athletes–it would truly be legendary.

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Do you guys have any idea who ‘mystery man’ might be? Will this fling last, or become a storyline on a future season of Paradise? Let us know your thoughts!