The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart: Season 1, episode 2 performance grades

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The theme of this week’s episode of The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart was, well, a mess. A fitting theme for the tumultuous episode that ensued. Let’s see how our American Idol rejects fared in episode two’s serenades.

Talk about a chaotic group of contestants! The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart, thus far has really committed to providing us perfectly dramatic distracting quarantine content. This week’s episode brought us love triangles, skeletons from hometown closets, and fickle contestants, oh my!

Unlike last week, which was brought to us by John Mayer’s publicist, the songs this week were about as genre-consistent as Julia’s man of the day (really, hour).

Let’s take a look at how the eight contestants fared out this week in song on Listen to Your Heart.

Listen to Your Heart
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Jamie Gabrielle, “Girl Crush” – Little Big Town

Vocal Performance: B+

Was Jamie aware of the premise of the show she signed up for? Did she happen to miss the 485 references to remind us that everyone’s* (*no one) been talking about The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart! Homegirl has had the spotlight for two weeks now, and can’t seem to grasp the performative aspect that is literally the headline of this show.

If you check out her Instagram, she’s actually a quite decent singer, but her nerves have been palpable in both her performances. She definitely seemed more in her element with this song choice and showed a bit better range than last week, but she needs to shed the shakiness and sing with some conviction at this point.

Interpretive Routine: C

To be fair, there wasn’t much of a routine to judge, but when people are GIVING YOU MONEY TO PERFORM A NECESSARY REQUISITE OF THE SHOW YOU ARE ON (seriously, can we start a GoFundMe to return the money to these unknowing Good Samaritans?), it would help matters along to sway a little.

Jamie essentially stared at Trevor the entire time, which, fine, she is clearly into him. I would’ve left this section blank had they not accepted tips for this bland, sway-less performance, but give the paying customers what they want, Jamie.

~Romance~ Level: A

I give Jamie huge props for committing to her choice (despite personal preferences) of Trevor in last week’s Listen to Your Heart rose ceremony. Unlike other shady contestants (looking at you, Julia), Jamie picked Trevor, and in turn, focused solely on him this week. They seemed to really connect on their date, and as aforementioned, she gazed into Trevor’s eyes during their “performance” with *heart eyes*. I unfortunately still have a feeling that the narrator is going to pop in and eventually alert us: Jamie, indeed, should not have listened to her heart and gone with Trevor.

Overall Grade: B

ABC/Maarten de Boer
ABC/Maarten de Boer /

Trevor Holmes, “Girl Crush” – Little Big Town

Vocal Performance: B+

Trevor, thus far, has not quite impressed me for someone who audibly boasts a one-episode appearance on American Idol. He also really only harmonized with Jamie in their performance, so I can only judge off of their picnic blanket warm-up where he uttered…one phrase. That phrase being, “I want to taste your lips,” after which he abruptly ended the song and….tasted….Jamie’s…..lips. And I blacked out in corny-horror thereafter, so I truly have nothing more intelligent to add. Thanks, I hated it.

Interpretive Routine: C

Please refer above (Jamie’s performance grade) for the lack of routine that was somehow awarded with payment. Can I get this job?

~Romance~ Level: D+

I mean, you had the opportunity, and you blew it. My new favorite character of Listen to Your Heart, Natascha, came storming in with the tea and did not disappoint. The only reason a plus sign is even added to this grade is that Trevor at least made Jamie comfortable and helped her through her apparent stage-fright that will do wonders for her singing career.

But, alas, the Jed jacket was simply a premonition, as we soon learned that Trevor, for lack of a better term, sucks. He emotionally cheated on his past girlfriend, lied to her, and she found out through finding text messages on his phone. My money is on Natascha’s story in this showdown, particularly after he blatantly admitted to all of this cute faux pas.

Moreover, Jamie gave him an opening to come clean about this, unknowingly. She expressed reservations of opening up on their date as she’s been cheated on in every previous relationship. Trevor’s response? Zilch. He obviously had zero plans to tell Jamie, and had Natascha not stole him for a necessary sec, he likely would have kept this little tidbit to himself the entirety of the series. My evidence, you ask? His explicit admittance to Jamie that he was telling her of his indiscretions so she “didn’t have to hear it from anyone else.” A gentleman and a scholar you are not Trev.

Overall Grade: C+