The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart week 2 promises more girls–and scandal


The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart is about to get its first scandal–are ya’ll ready?

Listen to Your Heart is heading into week 2 tomorrow, and if you were wondering when the scandal and drama would begin–the wait is now over. In the series premiere, we were introduced to the newest victims of the Bachelor Nation world. Eventually, some of them will become staples of the world this franchise creates, but we’re not quite there just yet.

Having said that, last week we met Trevor Holmes. Almost immediately, Bachelor Nation noticed something very familiar about him. Oh, maybe it was that hideous jacket that we saw The Bachelorette’s Jed Wyatt wear time and time again during Hannah Brown’s season. You know the, “I’ll be your Mr. Right, girllll” jacket. Oh gosh, the horrendous flashbacks I’m having right about now.

Anyway, Trevor looks a whole lot like Jed, and it’s weird. And unfortunately, that’s not the only thing that they may have in common. As you see in the Listen to Your Heart week 2 sneak peek, a blast from Trevor’s past is about to shake things up.

What does this blast from the past have to say? Let’s discuss after you watch the sneak peek below (trust me, it’ll make more sense after you watch).

Okay, now that you’ve watched, let’s talk. Based on what we see, it doesn’t seem like the girl that shows up is someone Trevor dated. Rather, it’s a new contestant and a “concerned friend” of one of Trevor’s exes that wants to know if Trevor is going to be open and honest about…the cheating. UGH, SERIOUSLY.

Apart from the fact that this guy is turning out to be a little too much like Jed (maybe not in the same ways, but you know what I mean), this is going to be a blow to poor Jamie’s heart. She selected Trevor during the rose ceremony last week, turning a shoulder to dear, sweet John Mayer, er I mean Ryan.

Unfortunately for Jamie, she’s about to find out that her streak of being cheated on might not be over. Poor thing, it’s the one thing she kept bringing up during the premiere. I can only imagine what hell is going to break loose when she realizes that the man she’s picked might be more of the same.

Honestly, I still feel like she should have picked Ryan. Maybe this will pave a way for Ryan to swoop in and melt Jamie’s heart, but let’s see what happens.

Along with Listen to Your Heart’s first scandal, the series is going to get an influx of female contestants to confuse the minds of everyone who thinks they know who and what they want. Sorry guys, you’re about to be the most confused you’ve ever been in your life–and Bachelor Nation is along for the ride.

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