Will the next Bachelor be someone we already know?

With the recent Bachelor Nation delays, we can’t help but wonder–will the next Bachelor be someone we know?

Bachelor Nation, has anyone else been wondering who the next Bachelor will be? I know, I know, it’s entirely too early especially given the delays the franchise is undergoing due to the coronavirus pandemic. But think about it, usually, the leading man or woman comes from the season before. Obviously that isn’t always the case as we’ve seen in the past and with Clare Crawley as the next Bachelorette, but it is more or less the way the franchise usually works.

However, Crawley’s season is now delayed and is not likely to begin filming until the summer (if even that). So according to Reality Steve, if hypothetically the season does film in the summer (around July/August), then it will likely air in September. And if there are no delays in filming The Bachelor, then filming for that will begin right around the time The Bachelorette will start airing.

So, my point of trying to summarize what Reality Steve was getting at here is that it is very unlikely that the next Bachelor will be someone from Crawley’s season. There just wouldn’t be time to get to know the contestants enough to give them such a big role.

Of course, this is all contingent on this hypothetical timeline so anything can change and the timeline can definitely be altered from what we’re assuming at the moment. As Reality Steve puts it, “that’s just not happening they’re not gonna do that” when talking about whether or not The Bachelor could just delay filming.

Honestly, it is all up in the air for the time being and we’ll just have to sit tight and wait to see how all of this plays out. All I know is that if we are going to get someone we already know from past seasons of the franchise, I am all in for Mike Johnson.

He’s the leading man we should have gotten over Peter Weber, and I’m still rooting for him to take on the mantle next. Don’t we all agree that Mike Johnson would have been a much better choice and still is?

Which alum do you want to see as the next Bachelor? Tell us below!