The Bachelorette: Mike Johnson shoots his shot with producer Julie LaPlaca?

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The Bachelor’s fan-favorite Mike Johnson may be a single man for now, but he’s certainly doing all he can to raise eyebrows with his social media habits surrounding an allegedly sought after producer.

Another day in quarantine, another social media speculation on a potential Bachelor Nation couple. Remember when Peter’s F1 was rumored to be a producer? Well, said producer, Julie LaPlaca, is apparently a hot commodity.

Former contestant, Mike Johnson, appears to be sliding into the Instagram comments (apparently the new, unnecessarily public DMs, but okay). Like all of us stuck at home, LaPlaca posted an Instagram on Friday looking her absolute Sunday best. I, too, have given myself a shiny blowout for day 24 of my work-from-home extravaganza.

If it was a thirst trap, she may have caught none other than the best should-have-been The Bachelor of all time, Mike Johnson.

“Damn! Are you a producer or the future Bachelorette?,” Johnson commented on the post. At this point, between Weber and Johnson rumors, the two might not be mutually exclusive. Moreover, a former contestant on Desiree Hartsock’s season, Michael Garofola, appears to have bitten as well, replying “I think she’s whatever she damn well pleases in this photo! Haha.” in a retort to Johnson’s comment. Well, Julie, I suppose I’ll buy whatever you’re selling now.

To make matters more suspicious, LaPlaca appears to be leaning into the bit, replying “& I hear you’re the bachelor now?” to Johnson. To be fair, this likely was a reference to Johnson’s April Fool’s post about being The Bachelor. It’s not a funny joke when it’s the scathing truth, Michael.

This is all likely a joke, but after the rumors that shot out of every hole that was the Swiss cheese of Weber’s season, I’m not willing to overlook some clear flirty banter. I mean, this wouldn’t not be a juicy future storyline should we ever get what we asked for (we won’t) and see Johnson lead a season. Or, it’s simply another chapter of boredom and needless speculation that is The Bachelor offseason in quarantine.

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Do you think this is all in good fun and nothing more than it seems? Should I indeed get a hobby? Let us know your thoughts!