The Bachelor: Madi Prewett swiftly clears up Connor Saeli dating rumors

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Madi Prewett, following her recent breakup with The Bachelor’s Peter Weber, took to Instagram to alert us that she’s indeed *not* running her own season of The Bachelorette with Connor Saeli.

We’re in some weird times, Bachelor Nation. With everyone holed up in quarantine, the natural consequent boredom has stirred up a bunch of things, including dating rumors. It’s not just fans,  contestants themselves have been happy to indulge in the gossip mill as of late. Hannah Brown’s former suitor, Connor Saeli, created a ton of buzz surrounding him and Madi Prewett this past week.

Connor Saeli hosted an Instagram live last week where he alluded to a potential romance with recent Final Rose recipient, Madi Prewett. In a segment with fellow alum, Mike Johnson, Johnson inquired about Saeli’s love life – specifically, what was up with him and Madi Prewett. Saeli certainly did not jump to put out the rumor mill fire with his retort, teasing, “I don’t know, we’ll see…dude, I can’t give you anything.”

Certainly, Saeli had to know what he was getting into with this coy answer; accordingly, article headlines ran with a potential romance brewing between Saeli and Prewett. On the surface, they would certainly make a cute couple – knowing next to nothing about Saeli’s life and religious values, of course, which are clearly of importance to Prewett, as highlighted (to a painful degree) on the show.

Prewett definitively put any romance speculation to rest while hosting her own Instagram live (which is clearly the new Bachelor Nation trend) last Friday. Prewett was asked by a follower on her live session about a possible relationship with Saeli, to which she asserted, “we are not together. I am not with anyone right now…I am just focusing on myself and taking it one day at a time.” Welp.

This is not to say there’s no hope for any shippers of this duo in the future – she did take the time to note that he was sweet, further revealing that he reached out with encouraging words of support after the finale. However, for the time being, her stance on Saeli remains, “really sweet, but that is it.”

To be fair, even excluding current extenuating circumstances, she just went through a breakup, and is likely not in the headspace to be dating a new person so soon thereafter – particularly, one who is presumably cordial with former fellow Hannah Brown suitor, Peter Weber. One that was painfully public at that.

Connor, maybe table your feelings for a month or two, dude, and try again once she’s not two-weeks fresh off an emotional breakup. To be fair, with future spinoffs such as BiP in limbo, maybe he felt like this was his only shot. Always, shoot your shot.

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Are you bummed that there’s no immediate hope for a Madi-Connor romance? Think he jumped the gun a bit too soon or is there future potential for this couple? Let us know your thoughts!