The Bachelor: Let’s talk about Peter Weber’s TikTok videos

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Um, can someone give Peter Weber a quick tutorial on how to use TikTok?

Peter Weber may not have had a successful season as the Bachelor, but he may be struggling even a bit more trying to use TikTok. Just in case you’re like me and totally out of the loop of modern social media platforms, TikTok allows you to create short videos where you can dance, sing, lip-sync, etc.

The world has been watching Bachelor alums Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown posting their own videos while on lockdown along with a group of friends who call themselves, “The Quarantine Crew”. These videos have been life, and sparked a ton of rumors between the two, despite them stating they are not together.

In either case, the videos are hilarious and a great way to pass your time, especially right now. But while Tyler C. and Hannah Brown’s videos are actually entertaining, Peter Weber’s are…awkward? strange? confusing? I just think he needs someone to show him how to actually use it. Any volunteers?

I mean, even Tyler C. called him out on it asking fellow Bachelor alum Dustin Kendrick (who has been hanging out with Peter) to delete the app from Peter’s phone. I mean, it was April Fool’s Day and he might have been kidding, but he’s not wrong…

Peter Weber posted a TikTok video that featured a group of people including Kendrick…and Kelley Flanagan. The rumors that these two might now be dating have been running wild especially since it appears they may be self-quarantined together. They were spotted hanging out in Chicago, but these are simply just rumors as of now. Neither has confirmed or officially announced anything–but come on, it sort of seems like they are.

My theory? Peter and Kelley have been dating this entire time, which is why she was at the After the Rose special after not being at the Women Tell All. That was so random, wasn’t it? In my opinion, the whole Madison Prewett ordeal in the special was a cover and it was Kelley that Peter was with the entire time. He and Madi deciding to “part ways” was just a part of the plan.

But hey, that’s just my theory.

Anyway, fans of Bachelor Nation noted that the carpet seen in one of Peter Weber’s awkward TikTok videos is the same seen in one of Flanagan’s videos. So, it would appear these two could be hanging out together still.

Plus, does anyone else find it suspect that Weber took down the original TikTok video of him, Kendrick, and Flanagan? It’s no longer up anywhere but you can still see it all over Twitter thanks to fan accounts that managed to save it.

I’m not sure what might be going on between Kelley and Peter, but I do know one thing.

Someone needs to delete TikTok from his phone–or give him an intense tutorial on how to use it because his “Flip the Switch” video was a hot mess.

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