The Bachelor: We see you, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan!

Bachelor Nation is all sorts of curious about Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan’s recent hangout session.

The Bachelor has ended, but the drama continues. I mean does it ever really end? Of course, it doesn’t! Earlier this week, Bachelor Nation was in a frenzy over pictures of Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan hanging out in Chicago.

We all know Weber didn’t end up with either of the final two contestants from his season. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t rekindle some sort of romance with the other contestants. I’m referring to attorney Kelley Flanagan. The two shared a connection before filming began and that seemed to be an advantage as Weber’s season began.

However, in an unexpected plot twist, Weber sent her packing home after The Bachelor aired a horrible villainous episode of Kelley. They made her look pretty awful but most of us figured, that might be the end of her story.

Plenty of rumors made their rounds after Kelley left the show, with some even theorizing that she ended up with Peter in the end. Now that I’m seeing pictures of Peter and Kelley hanging out as Peter is holding Kelley over his shoulder, I’m starting to wonder. Was this relationship already a thing when we saw the “After The Final Rose” special?

I mean, think about it. Kelly wasn’t at the “Women Tell All” special, but she was in the audience at the “After the Final Rose”? What was up with that?

What if the whole potential Madison angle was just a ruse and it was Kelley who Peter was really with? This is all speculation, of course, but it is something to think about. Plus, given that the nation is under lockdown and practicing social distancing, why the heck are these two out in Chicago hanging out?! Side note: Bachelorette contestant Dustin Kendrick was seen hanging out with them too.

Whether or not Kelley and Peter were already dating from before or if they just started dating or even if they’re just friends, it’s all speculation. But Bachelor Nation loves to theorize and I think this is one we can run all the way to the Bachelor mansion with.

I think the only thing that makes all this even more curious is that as soon as those pictures surfaced, Hannah Ann (the “winner” of Weber’s season) deleted any pictures she had of Weber from her Instagram. Coincidence? What do you think Bachelor Nation?

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