Chris Harrison supports a potential Tyler C. and Hannah B. romance

Chris Harrison says yes to a potential Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron romance.

Chris Harrison is all about former Bachelor Nation alums dabbling in romance long after they’ve left that world behind. Case in point? Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have been practicing social distancing together in Jupiter, Florida. In fact, they’ve been sharing their time together amidst other friends (include Cameron’s BFF, Matt James) and documenting it all on Tik Tok with their group, #TheQuarantineCrew.

In a joint interview with Lauren Zima, Harrison spoke to PEOPLE about pledging his support for a potential Tyler C. and Hannah B. romance. He really is the father of Bachelor Nation, isn’t he? Supporting and giving his love and encouragement–I love it!

Both Zima and Harrison are shipping the couple especially with all the social media hoopla they’ve been making on Tik Tok. I think all of Bachelor Nation has been spending their social distancing days watching the two flirt, giggle, and do silly challenges together.

Some are even sleuthing and trying to figure out whether or not the two might actually be dating going as far as to dig deep into the posted videos to see if they’re sleeping in the same bed. As a fandom, we are nothing but ambitiously invested in every member of the Bachelor Nation family.

While speaking with PEOPLE, Papa Chris Harrison shared some adorable, sweet words of support for those alums perhaps finding themselves in relationships after the fact.

If any of these people can find love, if any of them find a great stable relationship that makes each other happy, then God bless them.

While some potential couples (like Tyler C. and Hannah B. or even Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber) could be trying to figure things out, there are those Bachelor Nation alums that found love in unique (and unconventional) ways. Like Arie Luyendyk Jr. who opted to go with his runner-up in the most dramatic plot twist ever.

They found love in such an unconventional way, and all the twists and turns, there’s no one way. There’s no magic pill. So however these people find it, good on them and I wish them the best.

And if you thought Chris Harrison was pledging his support than Zima took it one step beyond that–and it was absolutely adorable.

We both love Hannah and Tyler. We think they’re both great. If they can come together and support each other at a time when the whole world needs to come together and support each other, we couldn’t stan and ship that any harder.

Well said, Lauren Zima, well said.

Just in case Tyler C. and Hannah B. are dating and things are going on behind-the-scenes, Chris Harrison is more than eager to officiate the wedding, as he has done for many other Bachelor Nation weddings, according to an interview he did with Access Hollywood

I love them both and I want them to find love, and if it turns out it’s the two of them, that’s amazing. If they get married, hey, I’ll either be standing between them [officiating] or I’ll be right there in the front row.

Well, here’s to hoping that there is some truth to this whole Hannah B. and Tyler C. situation. Because, I for one, would be more than ecstatic if that happened.

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