The Bachelor: Are Connor Saeli and Madison Prewett…a couple?


So, like, are Bachelor Nation alums Madison Prewett and Connor Saeli a couple?

Bachelor Nation, there just might be a new couple alert to look out for. Just two weeks after that Bachelor finale, it seems like Madison Prewett might be giving love another chance. Following the finale, Prewett and Peter Weber officially called off their relationship (or whatever they were calling it). We don’t need to get into the details of why, because, well, that’s pretty obvious.

Okay, so how does Connor Saeli factor into all of this and the new couple alert? Well, Saeli was on Instagram live with fellow Bachelor Nation alum, Mike Johnson (who should have been the leading man this past season), and he made some, ahem, allusions to him and Madi, as this Redditor pointed out.

He didn’t confirm anything by any means, but he sort of kind of made it seem like they could be heading in that direction. When Johnson directly asked Saeli what’s up with him and Madison, he responded, “I don’t know we’ll see.” Mind you, he started blushing and getting flustered almost immediately.

Johnson didn’t stop the poking and prodding there either, but Saeli remained reserved and shady with his answers–“Dude. I can’t give you anything.”

Alright, Connor, we see you. Sliding into Madi’s DM after that emotional Bachelor finale, I see.

While Connor seemed pretty resistant to anything Mike was asking, it was clear that he did have this smitten, smile-y look on his face. It’s unclear if Bachelor in Paradise is going to happen this year given recent circumstances, but if it does, I can see these two being on it and taking advantage of it.

And if Paradise doesn’t happen this year, well, it seems like our man Connor is trying to work his magic already so he may not need the show anyway.

I’m not sure if I stan this potential couple or not. In many ways, I can see it working, but I don’t think we got to know Connor on a deeper level through his time on Bachelor Nation. So whether or not his lifestyle and values will match up with Madi’s may make a difference here.

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