The Bachelor: Hannah Ann’s “Finasco to Fabulous” series

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Hannah Ann cemented herself on The Bachelor’s Mount Rushmore with her legendary takedown of Peter Weber on After The Final Rose. She has yet to take her foot off the gas pedal, and we are here. for. it.

We watched Hannah Ann ascend to absolutely iconic status with her mature, poised and scathing review of Peter Weber on The Bachelor’s ‘After The Final Rose’ segment on March 10th.

Her legendary breakup caught the attention of Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and even landed her a spot on The Ellen Show. Can all of that even be considered a consolation prize? Hannah Ann decidedly won The Bachelor Season 24.

Admittedly, I was lukewarm on Hannah Ann for the majority of the season. Sure, she was placid and inoffensive but came off a bit bland (necessary disclaimer of the powers of editing insert here). That all changed on finale night, where she won over all of America – myself included.

"If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man."

I have no doubts that the future holds great things for Hannah Ann. I also have no doubts that the meme of her shoving her hand in Peter’s face will never fade from existence.

Hannah Ann has only continued to impress with her 10-day Instagram series, “Finasco to Fabulous” (I also highly stan her for leaning into every joke this season with humor and grace). Channeling impeccable breakup energy, she’s been sharing one thing each day she focused on, “to get [me] through the darkest time in [my] life.” Her goal is to help others in similar situations focus on one positive thing to learn and grow from each day. It’s a hell of a way to use her platform and be so vulnerable in doing so.

All things considered, she has been commendably restrained on outwardly bad-mouthing Peter since the show ended. Instead, she’s spun it into something positive, focusing on empowering others going through some dark times. Her messages thus far are as follows:

1. Be your own rock

2. Goals to get you going

3. Healthy foods heal

4. Kiss of kindness

5. Trust is a must

To be fair, that last post’s caption definitely includes a subtle dig at Peter, which, honestly, would’ve taken me much fewer than five days to throw out there. Alas, I also have zero intentions of being a role model for millions.

“For those who have freely trusted and been let down, I feel you,” Hannah Ann penned. “It takes guts to trust once again, to rebuild the courage to be vulnerable and transparent.”

It’s not only a great message but ultimately a master class on how to win a breakup. Be like Hannah Ann. And, head to her Instagram to check out her series – it’s worth the read.

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Do you think there’s any (deserved) shade hidden in Hannah Ann’s messages? Have you begun your Finasco to Fabulous journey? Let us know your thoughts!