The Bachelor: An update on Colton Underwood’s health

Looks like Colton Underwood’s health is on the mend!

Colton Underwood took to social media to reveal that he is getting better after announcing that he tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this week. According to his post, the symptoms that he was having have been getting better progressively. It seems he was eager to share this update to inform fans he was doing alright amidst the recent coronavirus pandemic.

With his health improving, he hopes to spread a message of hope and recovery. Since his positive results, Colton has been under self-quarantine at the Randolphs’ home (well, Cassie’s parents’ home). According to him, he’s being well taken care of–how sweet is Mama Randolph though?

He has been appreciating their love and support and we are HERE FOR IT!!! It is one thing that Colton and Cassie have been dating but it is another when we find out how amazing the family has been towards the former Bachelor.

So, I woke up this morning and I felt like a new man..I feel like the medicine has started to work. I lost a lot of the symptoms that I used to have.

As we all know, Colton Underwood went on Instagram and shared the news via IGTV that he tested positive for the coronavirus.

In the days that followed, Bachelor Nation collectively poured countless wishes and prayers towards him. Even Chris Harrison posted on his Instagram, “Praying for my big-little brother. Stay in and stay with us tonight!”

For all the Colton Underwood fans out there, it seems like he is in high spirits and has the weight of the Randolph family support behind him. In fact, he even mentioned that the Department of Health called and spoke to both Cassie’s mom and him to ensure they were taking the appropriate steps as he recovers.

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We hope for nothing but the best for you, Colton! And we hope every one else stays safe and healthy!

For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.

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