The Bachelor season 24, finale part 2 power rankings

We did it, Bachelor Nation! Pilot Peter’s trainwreck of a season ended last night in the most dramatic fashion ever and we have successfully survived the tears, the betrayals, and one outspoken, over-involved family. Yikes.

With Madison out of the Bachelor picture, Peter wasted no time convincing himself that his second choice was really his one true love and he needed to put a ring on it before he was abandoned by yet another woman. Unfortunately, his schoolboy crush would not die. Our Bachelor broke poor Hannah Ann’s heart after stealing her first engagement right out from under her. Let’s not forget, she too was confused and almost didn’t show up in the first place.

So we had feisty Hannah Ann back with Chris Harrison spilling all the gory details on her breakup and we had the return of “I Regret my Decision” Madison ready to defend herself to all of Bachelor Nation. But who was the real winner of the finale?

Although she was led on, proposed to under false pretenses, and tragically dumped by dumb, confused Peter, the clear power player from last night was none other than Hannah Ann. The girl came out swinging and hit several home runs.

Let me put it this way, if Hannah Ann was as articulate and had as much personality throughout the season as she did both during the breakup and during After the Final Rose, I would have loved her and rooted for her the entire time. Where was this when we needed it, Hannah Ann??

She called out Peter several times, made great points that resulted in a speechless Bachelor except for the occasional well-deserved apology, and was the strong, independent woman we didn’t know she could be. REDEMPTION FOR HANNAH ANN. Very proud of how well she handled herself, and even more proud that Hannah Ann is away from the dumpster fire that is Peter and his family forever. Bullet dodged, TBH.

We saw it coming but didn’t realize how far things would go. Yep, Mama Barb came in like a freight train and is back in the number two spot on the power ranking.

With her hatred of Madison, her over-the-top facial reactions, and her clear lack of concern about being there for the right reasons aka her son finding true love, Barbara ran the show and let everyone know how she feels about this entire situation. Which was *SPOILER* not good at all!

From telling her husband to “say bad stuff too” about why they don’t want Madison to date Peter, to blatantly crying during the Hannah Ann breakup, Barb used every opportunity to enforce her opinions on literally everyone. It was aggressive, possessive, and helicopter parenting at it’s finest. *Insert Pilot Pete pun here.*

Peter tried to fight back, but it was too little too late for this mama’s boy. Chris Harrison didn’t even do anything to stop it. Should Madi and Peter actually survive as a couple (there is no possible way this is happening BTW), they better pray hard for God to watch over them so Barb doesn’t attempt to murder the girl spooning her son against her will down the hall. Can’t wait for those awkward daily family breakfasts! (It’s time for you to get your own place, Peter.)

In honorary third place, because she didn’t do much besides admit her regret and maybe start dating Peter again, is “Bless Her Heart” Madison. She may have “won” the dude, but she has a long road ahead of her and I have very little faith that with the family dynamics and the legit differences in lifestyle choices, Madison has true staying power. But she looked pretty and I liked her hot pink dress, so there’s that. Good luck, lady!

And with that, I say good riddance to Pilot Peter and this terrible season of The Bachelor. Is it too much to ask for for a season that ends with our lead following their heart and picking between two contestants to get their happily ever after?!

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I’m ready for a classic season that perhaps isn’t the most dramatic thing ever. Please and thanks in advance, Chris Harrison. Until next time!