The Bachelor season 24 episode 12: The conclusion to Peter’s love story

(ABC/John Fleenor): PETER WEBER
(ABC/John Fleenor): PETER WEBER /

Last night was the final episode of Peter’s season of The Bachelor. Who did Peter end up with at the end of his season?

Peter prepared to propose to Hannah Ann by picking out an engagement ring with Neil Lane. But Hannah Ann was alone in her hotel room conflicted. She was having second thoughts because Peter said his heart was pulling in two directions. Peter had a massive level of stress when Chris Harrison said Hannah Ann might not show up, but then she arrived.

During Peter’s proposal, he commented on Madison leaving two days ago. Hannah Ann was shocked that Peter chose her. She accepted his proposal, and the couple seemed happy and excited. Then Peter went home to California and shared the news with his family. They were beyond thrilled when they heard Peter and Hannah Ann were engaged.

But the honeymoon phase was over after the couple had spent a month apart. When Peter and Hannah Ann reunited, they ended their engagement because Peter still had feelings for Madison. Hannah Ann was devastated but knew she had to leave Peter. She was distraught that Peter wasted her time and ruined important moments in her life.

Peter and Hannah Ann met on stage next. She was able to speak her mind and have the final word. After she left, Chris Harrison visited Madison in Alabama. He said Peter ended his engagement to Hannah Ann because of his feelings towards her. Madison mentioned caring for Peter still but that she wasn’t sure what to do next. Chris Harrison played The Bachelor matchmaker and said Peter’s dream was to be with her.

Madison traveled to California to meet up with Peter. He was surprised but happy to see her. They discussed their feelings for each other and decided to try dating. Back on stage, Peter announced he was in love with Madison. She joined Chris Harrison and Peter and shared she was in love with him too.

As for their future, Peter said he wanted to take it one day at a time. Chris then asked how Peter’s parents felt about everything. Peter’s mom, Barb, shared more insight into their experience meeting Madison compared to Hannah Ann. Her story added more context to why she liked Hannah Ann much more than Madison.

There was some tense back and forth conversation between the couple and Peter’s parents. His parents didn’t seem to think Peter’s relationship with Madison would last.

Chris wished Peter and Madison the best of luck and said he would be with them. After the couple left, the new Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, joined the stage. She shared her excitement, and it was a happy transition after the tension surrounding Peter and Madison’s relationship.

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Bachelor Nation’s new show, Listen To Your Heart, airs April 13, and Clare’s season of The Bachelorette airs May 18. See you then, Bachelor Nation!