The Bachelor season 24 episode 11: The first night of Peter’s finale

Tonight is the first part of Peter’s two-episode finale of The Bachelor. Hannah Ann and Madison spent time with Peter’s family, and they both had a final date with Peter. But who does Peter want to be his wife?

The Bachelor kicks off as Peter meets his family in Alice Springs, Australia. They were incredibly supportive and excited, knowing they would meet Hannah Ann and see Madison again. Hannah Ann met Peter’s family first, and she shared loving conversations with Peter’s mom and dad. The overall experience seemed to go very well.

Peter’s family was aware of Madison’s ultimatum before seeing her again. When Madison met up with Peter, she expressed not feeling great. Peter shared why he was worried since Madison never expressed how she felt about him. Madison said she was hanging on by a thread. But as their conversion progressed, Madison mentioned loving Peter when they climbed the building on the Gold Coast. Peter was smiling from ear to ear as they prepared to meet up with his parents.

Madison had more difficult conversations with Peter’s parents compared to Hannah Ann’s discussions. Once she left, Peter’s family expressed their doubts about Madison. His family loved Hannah Ann, but they were worried Peter would choose Madison. Peter’s mom started crying, and this was the moment she asked Peter to bring Hannah Ann home. Despite the family’s doubts, Peter privately shared that he still felt strongly for Madison.

After meeting the family, the first date was between Peter and Madison. They had a scenic date flying in a helicopter around Uluru. After the ride, Madison expressed how it may be time for them to give up on their relationship.

She wanted to give Peter a chance at finding love and let him know she felt different since the fantasy suite dates. They had a tearful goodbye as Madison left Peter.

Peter went on his date with Hannah Ann as if Madison hadn’t just gone home. They went to a kangaroo sanctuary and were able to cuddle and feed little kangaroos. Later in the night, Peter said his heart was pulling in two directions. Hannah Ann was hurt by hearing that and said she was so sure of Peter and worried because he wasn’t sure.

That’s it for the first part of Peter’s finale of The Bachelor. But Chris Harrison said it wasn’t the last time we would see Madison. Who do you think Peter will propose to tomorrow night?