The Bachelor: Peter Weber’s shirts provide clues about finale

Bachelor Nation has done some expert sleuthing and discovered major clues about Pilot Pete’s finale. And as always–beware of spoilers ahead!

The Bachelor needs to air the finale already. We’ve heard so much about what might go down, heard every theory under the sun, and I think we can all conclude that Pete’s final decision will take place live. He’s likely dating one of the contestants, or went running after one that left, and has been dating her since, and will propose on live television. That has to be it, right?

Ugh, I don’t know, but at this point, nothing will surprise me. If you watched Pretty Little Liars, then this reeks of the whole “who is A” mystery. At some point, they accused everyone of being “A”, so by the time the final reveal came, most of us didn’t care anymore.

In any case, Bachelor Nation dove deep and came up with some more clues hinting towards the finale and the potential outcome. Cosmopolitan broke it down for us, so let’s see what they have for us.

So, first things first, watch the Bachelor finale promo. That will help put us all on the same page for what comes next.

Okay, so you’ve watched the trailer. What’s next? One Bachelor Nation fan posted this on Reddit.

Do you notice how Pete is wearing a blue shirt? The first picture is likely during Madison’s visit to meet his family. And then the next image shows up him wearing the same shirt during the iconic scene “Don’t let her go” scene with his mother, Barbara.

So either, Bachelor Nation has been right all along about the fact that his mother has been talking about Madison, or Peter just repeats his shirts. Let’s go with the assumption she’s talking about Madison, it would imply (as we’ve discussed at lengths) that Madison sent herself home.

Up next, take a look at The Bachelor season 24 sneak peek and pay close attention to the final scene.

Alright, now that you have watched that, you know the moment where Peter says, “I don’t even know how to do this. My heart is, like, broken right now.” Well, the significance here is that the shirt Peter is wearing while crying is the same shirt he wore during his daytime date with Madi.

So, like, what happened during this date? And why is it heartbreak worthy?

I have so many questions as I’m sure the rest of you do. And a huge shout-out to Bachelor Nation for being the smartest people ever. I’m always impressed by the detail to every attention, ones that I always miss.

Thankfully, we have the best fans in the world to help us figure things out.

What do you think about the “Peter’s shirts” finale clues? Share your thoughts below!