The Bachelor: Season 24, finale part 1 power rankings

(ABC/John Fleenor): PETER WEBER
(ABC/John Fleenor): PETER WEBER /

The moment we have all been waiting for has ALMOST arrived! Yes, Bachelor Nation, we have reached night one of the season finale of the most dramatic season ever, and I for one am ready to wrap this love journey up.

With Madison standing on her holy ground and Hannah Ann repeating that she loves Pilot Pete more times than anyone could count, the final two are battling hard for our Bachelor’s heart. But where did the girls land in our penultimate power ranking??

Once again, and probably forever, “I Love You But I Don’t Think I Can Do This” Madison takes the top spot this week.

Yes, I know Madi broke Peter’s heart and left him confused all throughout his next date with Hannah Ann, but the girl has an aggressive amount of real estate in both his head and his heart and it doesn’t look like she is moving out any time soon. Even Hannah Ann could feel that something was off about Poor Peter and stopped saying “I love you” long enough to voice that opinion.

I’m 1000 percent sure we haven’t seen the last of Madison (much to the dismay of Peter’s family) and no one can deny that Peter just wants to try and give up his scandalous line-dancing lifestyle to be with Madi and the Lord. But who knows if love will be enough to overcome.

Coming in second place in the rankings is the curveball no one expected that honestly explains so much about our confused Bachelor and why he is the way he is. It’s none other than his hot mess of a mother, Barbara.

After weeks of teasing the “Bring her home!,” clip of Peter’s mom displaying almost as many emotions as #ChampagneGate Kelsey did all season, we finally saw it in context.

Barb bawled her eyes out about how great Hannah Ann is and basically told her son that he could make no other choice but to pick the girl who is clearly his second choice. This conversation was so aggressive and not what I expected from the lady who cheered about Peter and his windmill escapades.

Alas, the clouds parted and Bachelor Nation could see clearly why Peter has hung on to the criers and emotional messes all season long: controlling mom issues. These issues are especially a thing when you are an adult man who has never left home and is still living with mommy dearest. *sigh*

Barbara, I’m not mad. I’m just really, really disappointed. And I am also afraid for your future daughter-in-law whomever she may be. Because if she’s Madison then yikes. And if she’s Hannah Ann, well, good luck on that angelic pedestal, girl.

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Lucky for us, it all ends tonight! Will Peter find his happily ever after? And will Barb approve of it? We’ll know soon enough!