The Bachelor: A fantasy suite nightmare for all

Remember that one time The Bachelor made the final three women stay in the same place during Fantasy Suite week? We do.

The Bachelor went where it never has before–and it was awkward AF. This week were the fantasy suites for the final three women, and it was a little different than what we’re used to with the series. For the first time ever, the franchise decided to have all three contestants stay in the same place during Fantasy Suite week.

Um, yes, it was totally not cool or okay, and an uncomfortable experience for all. Of course, we know exactly why the producers decided to go this route, and it’s exactly what they’ve been doing all season. Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has been all about manufacturing drama whenever possible.

I’d like to assume it’s because the season has been pretty dry, and without the usual drama, the producers were left with no choice but to make things more exciting. Hence, on the very week “Had Sex In A Windmill Four Times” Pete was supposed to share intimate moments with three women, the series decided to mess with the whole order of things.

But to backtrack a little, a lot of this episode (and what this season has been building up to) was the fact that Madison is saving herself for marriage, and as a result, nudged Peter towards her “ultimatum” of sorts. She wasn’t comfortable with Peter being intimate with the other women, and on the off chance he was, she wasn’t sure she could see their relationship going forward.

To build on the momentum of this, The Bachelor decided to take advantage and have all three women stay in the same place during the week. Of course, they knew it was going to get very awkward, and it was going to progressively make Madison feel worse. In order to stir the pot, production did what they had to do, and pulled another of its “first time its ever happened” moments.

Was it right? Was it wrong? Does it matter? Was this producer manipulation and meddling taken to a stupid level? The internet is definitely voicing their opinions.

Let’s just say, people are not happy about all of this, and I can understand why. It’s not completely unexpected but there’s something about Peter’s season of The Bachelor that has made it so blatantly obvious just how much the producers are stirring up drama.

I think it’s made this season the least genuine, and it’s definitely made Bachelor Nation cringe more than we usually do. I mean, come on, was it necessary?

Not at all.

What did you think of all three women staying in the same place during Fantasy Suite week? Tell us what you’re thinking below!