The Bachelor season 24: Women Tell All power rankings

The gang was back together again as Peter faced the firing squad of his exes on Monday night’s Women Tell All of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Women Tell All took place this week, and as always, there were ladies whose names we barely remembered. Not to mention, a plethora of eye-rolls from our fallen hero, Tammy, and more yelling than even Chris Harrison could handle.

But who really utilized their second chance at screen time and rose to the occasion to take the top spot on our power ranking?

Don’t call it a comeback, but topping the list this week is recently blindsided (and this time not by champagne) Kelsey, who was sent packing after hometowns and professing her love for our Bachelor.

Handling herself surprisingly well, Kelsey played along with the #ChampagneGate jokes, defended her emotions and alcoholics/drug addicts everywhere, and made a graceful attempt at auditioning to be the next Bachelorette while she was in the hot seat. Even if it was all for not. Good effort, girl!

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

It may have been a rough start for our crying Kelsey, but she has done a full 180 and flipped the switch in the hearts of Bachelor Nation. And I mean, how can a girl with a newly acquired giant bottle of champagne be anything but winning?

Sliding into second place is (I can’t believe I’m saying this)–Victoria F.

I know, I know, I wanted to continue to hate on her too, but you can’t deny that she at least partially redeemed herself while Chris Harrison questioned her on the hot seat. She apologized and admitted to putting Peter through hell and finally let herself be the bad guy. And Bachelor Nation rejoiced!

Do I believe that she hasn’t been a homewrecker in the past as she was accused of during hometowns? Of course not. But did you really think the queen of gaslighting was going to admit to more wrongdoings on national television? Never going to happen.

The Bachelor


In the end, we got to see some justice served and Victoria F. reminded us how hot she is with her sexy red outfit choice. Wins all around in my book! But, like, I still do not want to see her in Paradise…

And finally in our rankings for The Women Tell All episode, we have gone, but not forgotten Sassy AF Savannah who was not here to play games and called out anyone and everyone on their BS. (Looking at you and your lying self, Victoria P.) Even though she was placed in the back row, Savannah and her hot pink jumpsuit took no prisoners and she said what needed to be said. Get. It. Girl.

So with the beloved bloopers that could have been longer, an appearance by Rachel Lindsey to discuss bullying, and the most realistic watch party visits we have ever seen, we have finally reached the finale! Which is two nights, somehow. *sigh*

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See you next week for a double dose of drama!