The Bachelor season 24 episode 10: Peter’s women tell all

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor was the Women Tell All. We saw Peter choose his final two women, and there was an abundance of arguing on the stage with Chris Harrison.

This week’s episode of The Bachelor started by showing the rose ceremony after the Fantasy Suites. Even though Madison left Peter before they could decide on spending time in the Fantasy Suite, she showed up to the rose ceremony. Peter gave roses to Hannah Ann and Madison and sent Victoria F. home.

…then the Women Tell All started. After they showed a series of clips, the women began fighting. Kelsey was very hurt by Tammy’s accusations about Kelsey drinking too much. Chris put her in the hot seat, and she re-lived Champagne Gate on stage. Ashley I. even popped in to give Kelsey a giant bottle of champagne.

Victoria F. was next to join the stage with Chris Harrison. She shared her feelings toward Peter, and she said she never broke up any marriages. Then Peter arrived, and he commented on never being in a room with so many exes before. While Peter was sharing why he was grateful for the bachelor experience, Kelsey expressed how she learned a lot from Peter. Peter had moments with Victoria F. and many of the other women too.

The bloopers played, and we saw many objects break, several falls, and lots of laughs. After the bloopers, they brought up a more serious topic with Rachel Lindsey. She highlighted how horrible online harassment is. Rachel shared some of the online harassment comments that the women from this season experienced. The comments were shocking and brought many people to tears. It’s great they used this platform to bring light to the awful online harassment issue.

Lastly, we had a glimpse at Peter struggling to choose his future wife. He said he was in love with both Hannah Ann and Madison. Once it seemed like Peter made a decision, Chris Harrison showed up to tell Peter something unexpected. The clip of Peter’s mom commenting on Peter bringing “her” home played again.

Who is Peter’s mom talking about in the clip? We’ll need to wait and see during the two-day series finale of The Bachelor, which airs on March 9 and 10.