The Bachelor Women Tell All: Why were two women not invited?

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The Bachelor Women Tell All episode, aka the most wonderful time of the year, was filmed last night. However, two women that made it quite far were not invited, and it’s very unclear why.

**WARNING: The Bachelor ‘Women Tell All’ SPOILERS ahead.

**If you want to be surprised when watching the episode in a few weeks, don’t read ahead.**

For those of you who stayed up obsessively refreshing your Reddit pages for Women Tell All spoilers, this article is for you. The WTA is notorious for serving as primetime Bachelor in Paradise auditions–more importantly, the Bachelorette role. However, one of the names that has furiously been circling the internet as a possible contender did not appear on last night’s setlist.

Per Reality Steve, neither Kelley Flanagan nor Natasha Parker were invited to the Women Tell All taping last night. Even more strange, Kelley was in LA last night–aka she wasn’t buried in tax documents at her firm in Chicago and was clearly available. What gives? No offense, but I don’t care that much about seeing the likes of people eliminated in the first 2-3 weeks if I’m not going to see two of the women that rounded out the final six?

Kelley is being floated around as a strong contender for the Bachelorette role if you had to choose someone from this season (by Peter himself, in fact!). Production has effectively ensured that Kelley will have no shot at this by completely blacklisting her from this taping.

What gives, ABC? Particularly after the less-than-favorable edit they gave upon her exit. Did she violate her contract, or piss someone off? It truly makes no sense to have Night 1 exits à la Jane on stage but to leave Kelley and Natasha at home. In fact, it makes me want to see Kelley even more. Perhaps this is a twisted reverse psychology ploy?

We’ll be sure to keep tabs on this odd tale in the season of mind games that is Pete’s season of The Bachelor. But, for now, justice for Kelley and Natasha.

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Does this lack-of-invitation surprise you as well? Do you think Kelley and Natasha should have been at the Women Tell All? Let us know in the comments!