Should Kelsey Weier be the new Bachelorette?

After that devastating elimination, should Kelsey Weier be considered for The Bachelorette?

The Bachelorette is the talk of Bachelor Nation, even though Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is still going on. This is partly because we are down to the final three, and Bachelor Nation can now take a look at those who have been sent home.

I think many would agree when I say, that Kelsey Weier’s elimination sort of put her in the limelight to be the next Bachelorette. You know how those producers think of everything.

Kelsey’s elimination from Monday night’s episode made many fans feel as if the Iowa native definitely got a Bachelorette “edit” as she exited.

Could she be the next Bachelorette? Here’s why we think she would make a great lead.

It would be a season filled with raw emotions

We know that Kelsey is definitely someone that is not afraid to let out her emotions if the situation calls for it. When she’s upset, we know. When she’s sad, we know. When she is excited, we know.

Sometimes a transparent quality such as hers would make for a great lead as they would not only provide the viewers with a fun season but also we would see someone honest throughout displaying her feelings. Her crying is a sign of strength and it shows for a vulnerable individual (We all have realized that tears DO work on Peter).

She has a unique family story to share

A huge component of Kelsey’s family has been about her upbringing. During a recent date, she shared with Peter about how she started communicating with her father after his 12-year absence and her mother didn’t know about it.

During her hometown date, we meet her entire family + her stepdad–but no sign of her birth dad. There is a lot there, and even her family seemed genuine and real (AKA Madi–if anyone got that). She has a rough story to dwell upon and this could be something that could make for a great storyline if she was the lead.

She comes from a world pageants

Kelsey revealed during the season that she was former Miss. Iowa. There is something about previous pageant gals that can probably do really well in this environment. I MEAN, Hannah Brown is definitely the 1st example I think of which relatively reminds me of Kelsey in many ways.

The Bachelor


She has learned about being poised, graceful and honest. Even if she doesn’t hit all those notes every time, her background with this shows that she could represent Iowa as well.

She is a hopeless romantic

Kelsey is pretty much a woman that seems like she is waiting for her knight and shining armor. She was the one that let Peter know that she is falling in love with him. Though #ChampagneGate was hilarious, it is important to remember that she set out a blanket, and had placed her favorite champagne that she was gifted on her birthday for her and Peter to enjoy.

She enjoys romantic moments and she seeks out special moments with people she loves (even if it doesn’t end well). That quality specifically makes for a great lead.

She is a girls girl

The blonde babe has been seen multiple times throughout the season getting closer to more than one girl than another. What I personally thought was very cool was when she was defending Mykenna even though she didn’t need to. Also, during #ChampagneGate, it was pointed out to me that you see many girls run after Kelsey to make sure she is okay.

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I personally loved the moments when Kelsey would buddy it up with other contestants because it seems like those are really the only times the girls ACTUALLY got along. Another cool moment was when Hannah Ann returned from her second one on one date with Peter. You see Kelsey run towards Hannah Ann and squeal with excitement (how these girls have overcome the champagne drama is mind-blowing).

She is honest

It does not seem like Kelsey was ever-present during the season for the wrong reason. Many times throughout the season, you see her stay honest during many moments. For example, when Tammy confronted her about if she had talked to Peter about her during their alone time, she admitted to it.

Another example is when Tammy had accused her of taking meds, not only did Kelsey stay honest but she revealed what exact medications she does take (which hey girl you totally didn’t need to!) One moment I particularly liked was when she snuck over to Peter’s place to have a conversation with him, you see something very unique.

Peter decides to give her a rose after speaking to her, and you see her not be EXTREMELY thrilled but she is a little stressed to go back to the house about the fear of showing others that she could be a continued target. The girl stays honest, we love it!

What do you think? Do you think Kelsey could make a great Bachelorette?