The Bachelor: Season 24, episode 8 spoiled recap: Virginia is not for lovers

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Ah, hometowns. Our favorite week on The Bachelor! It’s the Production Playoffs to find the most inappropriate skeleton in everyone’s closets. Sometimes it’s exploitative (ahem, Dean), but usually, it’s just fun and ~dramatic~. Usually.

**WARNING: The Bachelor seasons SPOILERS ahead.

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We start our trip around the US in Hannah Ann’s hometown, Knoxville, TN. Her hometown date was actually filmed third (on October 30th, after Madison’s and Victoria’s), but they clearly wanted the drama-free dates to air first. Hannah Ann takes Peter ax-throwing at the Smoky Mountain Axe House, and it’s clear he hasn’t remotely improved this skill since last season’s Scotland date. It’s okay Peter, Jay Cutler couldn’t do it either.

Peter says he feels like their relationship has been taking off over the last couple of weeks (we should hope so!). He gives Hannah Ann a “Things That I Love About You” letter like the one she gave him last week. They seem to be very cute together and dare we say … compatible? She keeps the letter with her in her back pocket the rest of the day, which is adorable.

Hannah Ann’s dad looks…absolutely thrilled to be there. Just jovial. Her younger sister looks older than her, which is odd, and her brother seemingly had better things to do. Her family is cute, though. Peter tells Hannah Ann’s mom that Hannah Ann has expressed to him, “she feels that [she] is falling in love with him.”

He reveals that he would like to reciprocate these feelings, and her mom subsequently directs him to Hannah Ann’s dad. The conversation didn’t translate well (wouldn’t be the first time), but it came across a bit as Hannah is her dad’s…property to give away? We’re unclear why the additional explanation that she is the oldest and first girl was particularly necessary.

Although Peter didn’t ask any dads for permission to marry their daughters (which was a weird flex? Any plans at the end of this Proposal Pete? The topic was never even broached), there were still somehow even more patriarchal and sexist statements than normal!

ABC, we beg you, please stop perpetuating this idea that women are their dad’s, and then their husband’s, property. We’re surprised dowries weren’t discussed.

Hannah Ann’s dad, Rick, asks Peter about his feelings, and Peter says he is falling in love with Hannah Ann and wants to tell her. Rick asks that Peter please not tell her unless he wholeheartedly means it. Peter responds (like an HR manager), “I hear your concerns,” and makes it clear he will be completely ignoring this request. Indeed, he tells Hannah Ann how he feels.

Hannah Ann then tells Peter she loves him. He asks her to say it again à la Blair and Chuck at the end of season two of Gossip Girl. He says he loves hearing that. We get it, Peter – you’re a words of affirmation guy!