The Bachelor season 24, episode 7 spoiled recap: They couldn’t add a light into the budget?

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Kelsey’s one-on-one

Next up, we have a one-on-one with Kelsey. We don’t really see any chemistry here either but this date looks fun, and they do seem to both really like each other.

They run up a hill and Peter gets winded after about .02 seconds, and honestly, it’s the most relatable thing he’s done so far. To be fair, the altitude could also be an issue here; however, Kelsey doesn’t seem to be struggling as much. Also, they were riding motorized vehicles. How did he have the stamina for four times? After the hill run, apparently all Peter can do is lie down and look at the clouds, panting.

At dinner, Kelsey tells Peter more about her father. If you recall, he left her mother via a letter left on the kitchen counter. She says she’s been in contact with him for the first time in years and has been trying to determine what kind of relationship she wants with him.

She notes that her mother doesn’t know (somewhere, a producer is frantically calling this man to set up his arrival at Kelsey’s hometown) and she wants to form her own opinion without outside influence (Peter can’t relate).

Kelsey is really well-spoken when she isn’t melting down and has a great backstory; could she be Bachelorette? Once Peter chooses Victoria F. over her, we predict there will be cries of justice for Kelsey.

Kelsey gets the rose. We’re headed to Iowa, folks. Let’s hope the hometown goes better than the Democratic caucus did.