The Bachelor season 24, episode 4 spoiled recap: Still hung up on the Browns

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The Bachelor
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It seems we can’t go more than a week this season of The Bachelor without the Browns. No, Hannah Brown isn’t in the episode, but the Browns in Cleveland are. Let’s get to it.

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Cleveland Gate

This week, The Bachelor opens with several girls discussing the Alayah situation. Victoria P. says she feels guilty that what she said caused Alayah to be sent home, but that she can’t lie about the situation (foreshadowing for later, let’s keep that truthfulness in our back pocket).

Chris Harrison steals them for a sec and gathers the women to discuss the worst pool party since Ben Stiller spiked a ball in his fiancé’s face in Meet the Parents. Chris meets his damage control quota for the week and alerts them that Peter has left LA. The women are, understandably, befumbled.

Chris announces they will all be making a trip to a city full of “Arts, culture, & rock and roll…


Usually, this would be followed by a chorus of cheers, but they can’t even muster that. At least the show is leaning into the random location no one’s ever wanted to go, unlike, say … Richmond, VA, which, while home to a premium Arby’s, is not a desirable locale.

They get to Cleveland, and Peter calls it the birthplace of Clark Kent/Superman. We’re no superhero experts, but we were indeed alive for the 46 seasons that SMALLVILLE was on the air. Peter, please.

Peter continues to reveal himself as uncultured swine as he says Cleveland is a great sports town. Sweetie, no.