The Bachelor season 24, episode 7 spoiled recap: They couldn’t add a light into the budget?

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Natasha’s one-on-one

We then head to Natasha’s date with Peter. We love Natasha, but she and Peter have no chemistry, and he seems to have just given her this date because he felt bad sending her home without ever giving her a one-on-one.

Peter is impressed that Natasha noticed his bandaid was off. It’s on your face, Peter.

At dinner, Natasha asks Peter what their life together would look like. Peter clearly has not thought about marriage beyond this show whatsoever and says he’s just focusing on finding the right person right now.

As Kelsey, a grown-a** adult noted earlier in the episode: the connection doesn’t matter if you’re not aligned on the important life things. See also: the devastating Joe and Kendall breakup. (Pause for uncontrollable sobbing! 🙁 Love is great and all, but marriage is about more than that. Kelley hits it right on the head later on when she calls Peter a hopeless romantic. He loves love but doesn’t seem to grasp that relationships involve work. Okay, getting off our soapbox.

Natasha doesn’t get a rose and doesn’t seem to care at all.