The Bachelor season 24: Peter Weber reveals Valentine’s Day plans

What is The Bachelor’s Peter Weber up to on Valentine’s Day?

The Bachelor is still trudging along with season 24, with no sign or hint as to where Peter Weber’s heart will land. For many of us, it feels like there may not be an actual end or person he ends up with at the end of this. But we will have to wait it out to learn the truth. Who else sees Hannah Brown at the end of this?

During an appearance on Live Kelly and Ryan, Weber spoke about whether or not he’s found love. Did he actually answer the question directly? No, of course not. But he did his best to tip-toe around it without giving anything away.

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa were very curious to see if The Bachelor resulted in Peter Weber ending up with someone, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up in less than a week.

What was Weber’s response?

That he’s on a flight that day. That’s curious, isn’t it?

Does this mean our Bachelor is flying solo for the romantic holiday? Perhaps to avoid anyone finding out his actual relationship status? I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case because as we saw after Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, the paparazzi are always looking to find anything incriminating.

I’m sure you all remember Colton hanging out with Cassie’s sister’s boyfriend and hitting up the gym with him. Before the season ended, we all knew how it was going to end. So, perhaps this is why Weber has chosen to stay up in the skies during Valentine’s Day. No one can really find anything out way up there, right?

We may not know whether or not Weber is celebrating the romantic holiday, but so far, his season of The Bachelor has not provided us with any clues as to who he might end up with. It’s going to be a mystery until the very, very end.

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Do you think Peter Weber is celebrating Valentine’s Day? If so, with whom? Share your comments below! 

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