The Bachelor season 24, episode 6 spoiled recap: Whew, Chile

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Did you think an extra-long episode was enough Bachelor content for the week? You thought wrong, sweeties. ABC saw it fit to give us a midweek addition. Social life? We don’t know her.

**WARNING: The Bachelor seasons SPOILERS ahead.

The following recap contains references to The Bachelor SEASON 24 SPOILERS. Articles on the site are unspoiled unless indicated. STOP READING If you do not read Reality Steve and want to avoid season spoilers.**

For once, the previous episode did not end on a cliffhanger and we can start in Santiago, Chile. Did the show specifically choose a bunch of South American locations to show off that Peter speaks Spanish? If so, well done.

Peter is wearing a gray Henley + maroon bomber combo that we need answers about. We love Cary, but this outfit is the first of several missteps last night.

Did they allow the girls to go on a field trip? The women are getting drinks at an outdoor cafe. The women are all still upset with Mykenna for “having her own cocktail party” before the last rose ceremony. Mykenna tries to defend herself but it does come off a little whiney. Is crying less than four minutes into the episode a record? Victoria F. mocks her and gives her a valley girl voice…but that’s her voice, too. Big yikes. Is there ONE nice girl in this bunch? Geez. We love her blazer though.

Peter asks Hannah Ann what her plans are for today. She says she was planning on having a girls’ day but she can move around her plans to explore with him. This is….funny? Good on you, Hannah Ann.

Reality Steve, however, was unimpressed at the Chilean sleuths:

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Hannah Ann’s one-on-one

Hannah Ann and Peter go on their one-on-one exploring Santiago. It’s been said before, but it’s worth noting that there is usually a direct correlation between how “normal” the date is and how much the lead likes the contestant. Jed got all the “exploring” dates last season, etc. She’s been in the background these past few weeks, but this is a reminder that Peter is very into Hannah Ann.

We’re stressed out by this spinning drummer routine in Santiago’s Plaza de Armas and would run screaming if someone attempted to pull us into an impromptu dance. Three concussions are enough for one lifetime.

They “embrace the culture” and eat a hotdog(?), getting it all over their faces. Hannah Ann: She made out with a hot dog. Peter says Hannah Ann is the goofiest girl in the group. It seems like they’re having a great time, and we have to admit they’re pretty cute. Hannah Ann is one of the few girls who seems really genuinely into Peter. Do we.. ship….Pannah Ann?

At the dinner portion, Hannah Ann says that she was in a three-year relationship but has never been in love. People were ripping on Hannah Ann for this online, but a) you can be ready despite not having been in love before, and b) she was 19-22 in this prior relationship; we too were in love with a boy named Connor until we grew up and realized we just liked that he played hockey.

Anyway, she doesn’t really answer Peter’s question about her goals and Peter leaves the table. It’s easy to surmise who Peter is really into because he panics when he doesn’t receive immediate positive affirmation from them, in the exact way he wants to receive it.

Hannah Ann catches Peter outside and cries to him about how difficult this process is for her, and how strong her feelings for him are. Hannah Ann feels genuine here- and we’re the first to admit that wasn’t our initial impression of her. Some of the crying to Peter was probably also spurred by her worry that he was going to send her home, but we do think her feelings are real. Dare we say she, too, is genuine and real? It’s clear why she makes it to the end.