The Bachelor: Season 24, episode 6 power rankings

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To cap off our marathon extravaganza of The Bachelor this week, let’s take a look at which ladies have firm seats in our pilot’s first class.

This week’s episodes (sigh) of The Bachelor brought no shortage of tears, drama, and Emmy-worthy acting skills (looking at you, Chris Harrison in a mustache and Abuela). But, most importantly, it significantly whittled down our pool of potentials for our Pilot to six ladies standing.

With hometowns rapidly approaching on the horizon, let’s take a look at who our Bachelor is truly pining after in this week’s power rankings.

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ABC/Maarten de Boer
ABC/Maarten de Boer /

1. Victoria F.

Say what you will about Victoria’s emotional temperament and reciprocation of feelings, but Peter is clearly smitten. The most noteworthy evidence of this is Peter awarding her a second one-on-one date in just two weeks time. Notably, Mykenna, Tammy, nor Natasha have received a one-on-one to date, despite Natasha being one of the final six standing.

Peter’s obsession with Victoria is quite apparent; she’s the one, so far, that he truly can’t have. She’s expressed reservations on multiple occasions, alerting Peter that she’s been hesitant about the process and her struggles along the way. Despite this being a clear warning that she may not be ready at the end of all of this, Peter seems to be desperately seeking validation from her.

What makes this more apparent is that he low-key went after Hannah Ann and Kelley in their one-on-ones about them not being as far along as he would like. Victoria has made this clear on repeated occasions, and yet, he continues to seek that reciprocation. It’s very Cassie-Colton of them.

My conspiracy theory is that the Chase Rice drama made him a little jealous, and it put her in the power position in his head. Victoria holds the reins in this relationship at current, folks. In my opinion, it’s her F1 slot to lose.

ABC/Maarten de Boer
ABC/Maarten de Boer /

2. Madi

Despite, well, any footage of the two of them really, Madi holds firm on the number two slot. Friendly reminder that we’ve seen about 10 minutes tops of Madi since her first one-on-one date that solidified her frontrunner status. However, every interaction we do see, it’s clear that there’s a sense of familiarity and a strong connection there.

If you recall Wednesday’s episode (it’s all a blur to me, I know), he deliberately ignored sounds of yelling from inside while he was having his time with Madi. Part of me figures he’s quite frankly over it at this point, and for once, smartly decided not to incite the drama further.

The other part of me notices that this is the only time he hasn’t blatantly interjected himself into the issues with the women, and it was when he was with Madi. If he was fully over the drama, he wouldn’t have held that bizarre two-on-one meeting with Mykenna and Tammy. Methinks the fact that he was with Madi when he heard all of this is telling.

Further, she’s the antithesis of everything that’s gone wrong this season. She stays out of the drama and has so far offered zero opinion or behind-the-scenes conflict with the women during her time with Peter. This is the right way to go about this, folks. Ultimately, Peter’s smitten every time he’s with her, made a separate scene for her in the telenovela and always gives her special attention. Madi is getting a very Catherine Lowe-esque edit thus far to me.

ABC/Maarten de Boer
ABC/Maarten de Boer /

3. Hannah Ann

Post-Champagne Gate, which Hannah Ann really had no fault in, she has also stayed far away from the drama this season. Peter was clearly instantaneously into her, as he made out with her three times on Night One and gave her the First Impression Rose. She received her first one-on-one date this week, and while Peter’s reservations seemingly came out of nowhere, similar to Victoria, he wouldn’t pry for these answers from Hannah Ann if he didn’t care.

He spent the majority of their dinner portion of their date trying to surmise whether Hannah Ann could “get there” by the end of this as she’s never been in love before. Again, if she wasn’t high up on his list, he wouldn’t be having such strong thoughts about this in the first place. Usually, when Peter is the one to leave the room, it’s due to the drama.

With Hannah Ann, he was visible shook at the notion that she may not be ready for marriage at the end of this. They then went on to have a dramatic, tearful resolution to all of this and both of them had palpable genuine emotions.

They were quite cute during their date, and it seems easy between the two of them.

So, there you have it. The pickings are getting slim, but these three are undoubtedly making it to hometowns. Tune in on Monday for (mercifully, the only episode for the week) to see if these rankings stay firm, or if a dark horse sneaks up from behind. Anything is possible in Bachelor land.

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