The Bachelor season 24 episode 5: The drama continues in Costa Rica

ABC/Jason A LaVeris
ABC/Jason A LaVeris /

The Bachelor traveled to Costa Rica this week. Two rose ceremonies and a photo shoot near a waterfall later–the constant drama continued.

The Bachelor’s first episode of the week started with Peter having a heart to heart with Alayah. Despite his immediate connection with her, he sent her home…again. The women were fuming even as Peter walked Alayah to her car. Two additional women went home during the rose ceremony.

Both women were upset that they lost time with Peter because of the drama with Alayah. The energy greatly improved after the rose ceremony when Peter announced that everyone would be traveling to Costa Rica!

Before Peter’s first date, he shared his injury story, which explained the stitches on his forehead. Soon after, he and Sydney hopped in a helicopter for their date. They had a great time viewing the Costa Rica landscape. Sydney was extremely flattered when Peter said she was the best kisser in the house. They bonded over dinner and shared many kisses by the pool.

The next date was a group date where the women modeled in front of a waterfall. Kelsey was fuming with jealousy earlier, and on the group date, she was upset seeing Peter kissing and touching the other women. Victoria F. won the competition, which means she and Peter will be featured on a summer issue of Cosmopolitan!

More drama started again after the group date. Kelsey asked the women who called her emotionally unstable to Peter. The tension didn’t go away, but the conversation broke when Peter gave out the date rose to Hannah Ann.

The next date was with Peter and Kelley. He shared that he had concerns with Kelley because their relationship had plateaued since the first week on The Bachelor. They went to a shaman who answered their questions with crystals. Peter also guided Kelley through a labyrinth while she was blindfolded. After a heated dinner discussion, Peter gave her a date rose.

Back at the hotel, the drama with Kelsey continued. She decided to confront Peter directly and explain herself. Peter appreciated Kelsey’s visit so much that he gave her a rose. As soon as Kelsey left, she told the ladies about her chat and showed them the rose. Then the women got dressed up for the cocktail party but were greeted by Chris Harrison, stating they were heading directly into the rose ceremony.

Seconds before the rose ceremony started, Tammy asked to speak with Peter privately. She wanted to know Peter wasn’t making a decision based on what Kelsey told him privately earlier. Mykenna interrupted their conversation to talk to Peter as well. Finally, the ceremony started, and three more women went home.

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Will the drama continue in the second episode this week? The next episode of The Bachelor is this Wednesday, Feb. 5th on ABC at 8 PM EST (don’t miss it!)!