The Bachelor: Season 24, episode 4 power rankings

ABC/Jason A LaVeris
ABC/Jason A LaVeris /

If twists and turns are what you came for, then Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor was definitely the show for you!

Between a roller coaster of a date (in more ways than one) for Victoria F., a disappointing group date that included 13 of the remaining 15 contestants, and pageant queen, Alayah, sneaking her way back into the running, there was so much happening that it just may have been the most dramatic episode of The Bachelor yet.

(And we didn’t even have a Chris Harrison warning via voiceover.)

It wasn’t pretty, but let’s see where our ladies landed in the power rankings after that hot mess express of an episode.

1. Alayah

ABC/Maarten de Boer
ABC/Maarten de Boer /

To the dismay of literally everyone but Pilot Pete, Queen Bee Alayah returned to the show and claims this week’s number one spot in the rankings.

She waltzed in with her fake, baby voice to defend her recent removal and Peter caved in to her act almost immediately. *Sigh* Peter you are so, so weak. He then decided to offend 99.9% of the ladies (who were battered and bruised from tackling each other all day in the name of love) by giving Alayah the group date rose. Not the best look from the guy flying this plane.

But hey, homegirl Alayah could care less about hurting feelings. She has our Bachelor wrapped around her little finger and celebrated her return by looking smoking hot at the cocktail party as the drama stirred around her. (Seriously though, Alayah, you and your well-displayed goods have me jealous AF. I don’t think you’re here for the right reasons, but perhaps I have a slight girl crush on you and what you’re working with. So, thanks for gracing our screens once again.)

2. Kelsey

ABC/Maarten de Boer
ABC/Maarten de Boer /

Coming in second this week is #ChampagneGate Kelsey who was surprisingly pulled together, avoided the drama entirely, and received a rose as a reward for her good behavior.

She had the second one-on-one where Peter informed her of Alayah’s return and her response was mature and spot-on; a complete 180 of her previously displayed behavior. Where was this rationale last week, Kelsey??

The couple had a boring, walk around the city date, and Kelsey showed off her emotional side that evening as she discussed her parents’ divorce.  This showed Peter that she can have fun in less than desirable locations and that she has been through enough crap in her life to be a worthwhile screen-worthy cast member. I mean, worthwhile future wife. Whoops.

3. Victoria F.

ABC/Maarten de Boer
ABC/Maarten de Boer /

Sliding into third this week is Emotional Trainwreck Victoria F. who can’t keep her emotions in check to save her life.

From hyperventilating at the mere sight of a plane to sobbing her eyes out over her past “relationship” with country singer, Chase Rice, to wine-drunkenly yelling at Alayah about exposing the aforementioned scandal, Victoria F. had quite the wild ride this episode.

But she did manage to lock in poor, dumbfounded Peter and snag that date rose to survive and cry another day. Any dude who puts up with this kind of behavior is obviously hooked, so expect to see more of Victoria F. and her over-the-top antics. And, hopefully, we also get more confrontations with her brand new enemy, Alayah.

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Will Alayah actually stay and remain on top? Will last week’s frontrunner Victoria P. fall out of favor completely and be sent packing? And will Natasha finally wise up and realize she’s too good for all of this? Time will tell. See you next week!