Arie Luyendyk Jr. reveals real reason for Bachelor Winter Games appearance (yikes)

We all know former Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., pulled a switcheroo on his season–today, he revealed his secret motive for heading to the Winter Games.

You know what’s worse than getting ghosted? Getting broken up during a filmed segment on national television. You know what’s even worse than that? Having your fiancé scheme about his lost love behind your back and fleeing to Vermont to get intel, middle school style. Introducing former Bachelor, Arie Sketchball Luyendyk Jr., everyone!

In the latest episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, hosted by Rachel Lindsay, Arie revealed a shocking new development in Mesnick Gate 2.0. Turns out, his pining for Lauren B. and subsequent quest led him on an extremely questionable road trip.

If anyone remembers the tragedy that was The Bachelor Winter Games, you may recall the segment where former leads Jojo Fletcher, Rachel and Arie judged a kissing contest (alternatively, what plays in my nightmares). Turns out, Arie didn’t head to Vermont for the eggnog. He secretly had ulterior motives for his appearance.

While the three former leads were in Vermont, they did what all bored, cold humans do – got drunk and gossiped. Arie rambled like a lovesick puppy about feeling lost and was questioning how the show ended. On the podcast, he admitted he had asked the two women, “When you’re up late at night and you’re thinking about like the whole scenario, do you ever feel like you questioned your decision?” To which both Rachel and Jojo gave a hard no (Jojo’s specific response was, “I would’ve ended up with Robbie” – LOL).  I mean, we knew that the track record of women leads boasts a much higher success rate. Trista, Ashley, Desiree, Jojo, Rachel, and Becca say hi to Sean and Colton. Women know what they’re doing. Except when they’re lied to by a tragic dog musician.

Rachel and Jojo were unspoiled (can’t relate) and referred to Becca and Lauren at the time as “1” and “2”. As Arie continued his monologue of his sad, handwritten book, the two women eventually turned to one another and told him, “We really think you like that 2.” They didn’t know who they were referring to, but they couldn’t have been more spot on. In fact, “that 2” was exactly the reason he decided to appear on Winter Games.

Arie revealed, shocking even Rachel herself, the real reason he went on Winter Games – with the sole hope of seeing Lauren’s producer and asking how she was doing. I remember my first 7th-grade crush. In fact, he admitted, “That was, like, my whole motivation for actually going to Winter Games.” Is he serious?

Here’s my thing: Clearly, it worked out best for all involved parties in the end. Truly, albeit in a messed up way, Arie did the right thing. That said, YOU BROKE UP WITH YOUR FIANCÉE ON AN UNCOMFORTABLY LONG TELEVISION SEGMENT FOR ANOTHER WOMAN. Not only that, you admittedly DMed the other woman first to make sure she was game before going through with it. Please stop sharing further details of your sketchy, emotional cheating scandal. Was this entirely necessary knowledge to impart? Methinks not.

He claims that this conversation with the women gave him #clarity (take a shot), but did it really, Arie? You literally went on a whole road trip to Vermont to hopefully run into a friend of a friend of a cousin who went to dance class with your secret crush. In the future, please do less.

Are you as irritated with the male species as I am? Should Arie have just kept this tidbit to himself? Let us know in the comments below.